How to play free MP3 files on Iphone?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

As an adroid user since immemorial, I took sometime to be familiar with IOS. I tried to figure out how to have MP3s not only played, but downloaded to the Iphone. There are two essential apps to accomplish this;

(i) Cloud music
(ii) Cloud storage (google drive, dropbox and one drive).

First part
1. You must have a cloud storage installed in your phone. I am using dropbox as my attempt to use google drive has failed.

2. I'm using my pc to put my mp3s in my Dropbox. Once I did that, the same files will appear in my Dropbox apps in my phone.

Second part.
1. Install "Cloud Music" from app store.
2. Launch Cloud Music and you will find at the bottom left corner the button "source". Hit that button.

3. Choose your cloud storage (Google drive, Dropbox or OneDrive).
4. The mp3 files will appear.  Hit the button download on the right side of the file.

5. Once downloaded, the files are stored in your phone. You can view the files by hitting the icon Song at the bottom of the apps.

6. You also can delete mp3 files you save in your cloud storage once the files are downloaded to your phone.

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