The Steps We Took

Sunday, August 21, 2016

I remember the steps we took
We moved to the opposite direction
We moved and we didn't even glance
We moved and we thought we were fine

Denial, that we lost a lot
Denial, that our hearts screamed
Denial, that we were teribbly ill
Denial, a friend, each of us missed.

The steps we took, seemed unblessed
We long to meet, though we didn't make it obvious
We had sipped the taste of agony and fear
Never shall we take that steps again. Ever.

Lets keep what we have, forever.

That smile

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

That smile
That makes night so bright
That makes two sun in broad daylight
That would melt many hearts

Sheer joy who gaze upon it
The sick and poor will feel great
Embicile thee who try to hate
And those left it disdained

That smile, keep smiling
Do share that most beautiful thing
Never keep it away neither dare try to hide
God, I pray...please keep for me that smile

My Prayer for You

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sincere and truthful
Story of pain and hurtful
Unexpected and suprising
It sounds hard and excrutiating

To the All-Hearing I pray
To the Most Kind, the Great Bestower I crave
Ease all the hardship and give strength
Shed some light, make things shining again

The All-Hearing is listening
The Most Kind is kind
My prayer will be answered
For now, just take care and things will be fine

With all these, I pray
t c h
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