Coffee Prince...

Monday, September 14, 2015

I first watched Coffee Prince in 2008 after some trouble befallen upon me. It wasnt my first korean drama. My first korean drama was "Full House" which was aired on Channel 8, chinese dubbed.

Coffee Prince is about a girl who is struggling for life, working restlessly to provide support to her family. She met a guy who is inheriting the wealth of his family. She initially pretend as a boy in order to work for the guy, only to know "he" is a "she" much later. It's a love drama, so eventually they fall for each other and the love blossomed. The storyline is interesting. The emotion in the drama is immense. I've watched the special edition sequel and I saw the actors and actresses were literally crying when the series comes to an end. 

I love the positive vibe shown by the girl. The world is turning its back against her. She never give up. She strives to achieve her ambition. Free ride is not her style, nor to be dependant on others. On another note, I do believe the actress, Yoon Eun-hye is positive in real life as she was in the series. She is adorable too. 

Anyway, the series did fill my weekend with positive vibes. I watched it first in 2008 and I am watching it again in 2015. It still fascinates me. My rating will be 9/10 (I am disturbed by the love plot of the supporting roles). Anyway, live well Go Eun-chan. Thank you for such a wonderful series and positive vibes.


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