Of late

Friday, August 21, 2015

I have been a busy bee lately. Daily tasks at the office, family matters back home and extra office events to attend.

The Grounds
Disposing cases after  full trial warrants full analysis of evidence. These analysis should be listed so a just conclusion can be formulated. I try to keep the habit of preparing grounds of judgment before delivering a decision after a full trial. I find it convenient to everybody and the process thereafter will be smoother. I am restless, yet contented. I have done to the best of my ability in discharging my duty and I hope I will be able to answer firmly on the day of judgment before the Almighty. 

Magna Carta Exhibition
The celebration of 800th years of Magna Carta was held in Pulau Pinang. Malaysia, a commonwealth country was selected to host exhibition of Magna Carta. The materials were brought from London with addition of local antiques. I served as the tourist guide for visitors from educational institutions. An exhaustive week it was.

I might be wrong but I cant sense the vibes of merdeka celebration this year. Maybe too much national issues are on air which clouded the merdeka waves. Yet, patriotic as I always be, I am grateful to live in this multi racial country. Our forefathers fought for its independence in their own peculiar way. The politician went to London and the peasants are donating monies and jewellery to fund the politician trip. People are judgmental of what is happening in this country now. My stance is always that instead of airing views or critics, I believe in asking myself what I have done for this country in the domain or space which are within my rule and power. Pointing a finger to others is easy, yet there are three more fingers pointing at ourselves. The future generation will be in a better position to judge what is happening now as they might be able to see the outcome of what is going on today.

I was born and bred in Malaysia. I might have been tourist in foreign land and saw something better there, yet I am still proud of Malaysia. Some who where sent abroad to study had commented about how heavenly the years they spent abroad and belittling this country. Thee who spent our monies to study abroad, come and join us building this country, instead making comparisons which would not earn you a Master in Comparative Countries. 

Some say there are ashamed of the devaluation of ringgit. It's ok if you feel unfortunate but why must you be ashamed? Have some pride of being Malaysian. Even if this country become worst, no foreign country will embrace you with arm wide open to be their citizen (unless you have something which might keep them interested in you). Further more, if you are living in Butterworth Pulau Pinang, you might see Caucasians at your place, but they don't even bother to insult you about your currency.

In short, lets try our best to do the best in whatever is within our control. A teacher must teach his or her student to the best of his ability, alike for the lawyers, social workers, factory operators etc.

For this country I love, MERDEKA!
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