Jana Manjung Fellowship Ride 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

My friends and I joined Jana Manjung Fellowship ride. The route is 130km. The horn was blown at 7.00AM. I rode my Dahon IOS D9 and the wheel is 24". My two friends rode 20" folding bike.


We were smiling before it started

The crowd and we keep smiling

The crowd

There were 3 water stations. The first water station was after 50km. The second water station was at 80th km. The third one was at 110th km. I drank at each water stations, yet, there was no call from the nature. I think all water was dehydrated through my sweat. After the 1st water station, the terrain was challenging. Up and down we go. Others are riding road bikes and mountain bikes with slick tyres. I did with my folding bike. I reached the finish line around 1.45PM. That was 6 hours and 45 minutes of cycling. I am glad I managed to finish my first Jana Manjung ride. My other two friends were cycling fast like a lorry, or to be precise, cycling on the lorry. (HAHAHAHA).

We made it


Jarod Yong said...

Cycling is an awesome hobby!

I've taken up mountain biking & I regularly bike a 2 hour mountain trail from my school to town. Although it's nothing like the 6 hour ride you did, it was just as fun &, at times, exhilaratingly life-threatening! =)

Noor™ said...

Wow Cikgu. I am moved by your visit to my humble blog. Your story is much more inspiring. I believe you cycle in the midst of beautiful green forest. It must be refreshing.

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