My Dahon Vybe C7A

Monday, March 9, 2015

I am an avid swimmer. But with restriction on time of usage of public swimming pools, I was searching for an alternative. I had jogging in mind, but the pain I have to bare post exercise always put jogging out of the list for a long period of time. So I need to find an alternative, soon.

I was thinking of cycling. So I started reading on cycling. I find some are taking cycling to another level, cycling for hundreds of kilometres for days, whereas some are climbing steep mountains and hills. A friend of mind broke his shoulder (scapula which the award is ranged between RM11k to RM19.5k for personal injury claim) in the midst of cycling down a hill. I am not looking at hundreds of miles cycling nor climbing or running down high hills. I just want to perform 30-45 minutes exercise daily. I then sought counsel from a friend. He suggested folding bike. He convinced me that folding bike is the best for those who is seeking recreational ride, since it is mobile, can be folded and easily fit into the trunk. So I started reading on folding bike. The reading lasted for 3 days.

From the reading, I find there is Brompton. It's like Ferrari of folding bike. I recalled a documentary where President of the Supreme Court of the UK was riding a bicycle and it is a Brompton! There are few more premium brand which I do not wish to name it here. Through my readings, I came across brand by the name of Tern and Dahon. These two came from a single company which later split because of internal dispute. They have serious R&D dan they only produce folding bikes. The joints they have on their bicycle which make them possible to be folded is patented. So I decide, I should have any of these two.

One fine day, I went to Kuantan Mountain Bike Shop, which sold Dahon Vybe C7A. I had a short ride and I love what I rode. So I bought it.

The folded bicycle in the shop
The bicycle at home in Kuantan.
Since this is my first bicycle I bought in my adolescent year, I am more than satisfied with this bicycle. To date, I have been riding it for more than 100km. Saturday morning will take more hours than usual, since I will be having my teh tarik and nasi lemak at pekan Bukit Mertajam (17-18km ride). I've been carrying it home to Tapah, Perak and it fit nicely in the trunk. So, if anyone thinks of having recreational cycling with portable bicycle, I would suggest a folding bike.

Don't forget to buy helmet and tail light as these two are necessity and a must for our own safety. If there is more budget, get a front light so we will be able to have a night ride and speedometer to track how far have we gone with the bicycle. I am thinking of riding my bike to the workplace, just like what Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers did,  for a healthier lifestyle. But for now, that's all for a happy story of Dahon Vybe C7A owner.

Dahon Vybe C7A at Hutan Lipur Cheruk To' Kun, Bukit Mertajam

Bicycle at home.


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