So Long

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A friend became sibling
Then a trouble friend and a stranger being
From warm and kind to a phony life
Eventually they treated each other indifferently

For years one chose to avoid the other
Overtaken by suprise, they inevitably reunited
To describe the meeting, awkward is the word
How should they smile and embrace each other

One then broke the stillness
Telling his brother, he is going to leave
The other seemed calm and not bothered
Though in the past, he would have stop him vigorously

"Let him leave and let him be."
He told himself his ability has limit
Take the burden not and submit to the Creator's will
Deep inside, the heart is aching and hurts severely

"Leave for good,“ he told
"I wont stop you and I wish you best of luck."
"The great memories will be kept by the aching heart."
"Alas, for the future that's yet to be seen, I shall take heed."

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