To err is human

Sunday, April 20, 2014

To err is human, to forgive is divine.

I came across an attack against Ustaz Don. The veracity of facts found in few of his teaching is in question. From what I can see, he appears to be humble and knowledgeable. Maybe some of the discussion is not befitting the intellectual level of the audience, causing backfiring unto him.

There is a saying in arabic - خاطب الناس على قدر عقولهم which means "speak to the people according to their level of understanding." Discussion in classes in university might turn to be unsuitable to be spoken of in ordinary musolla and masjid. The audience might not comprehend the facts correctly, leading fitnah to spread. At the university, the student are chosen and filtered, so the level of intellectual are almost levelled and they prepare to agree to disagree, or so they seem to appear. 

I recall one occasion where my lecturer, Ustaz Yaacob, had reminded the class not to play truant in his lectures and promised that those with full attendance will pass his subject. He paused. Having heard his assurance, we were glad. He then resumed, "If you attend all of my classes and yet you still fail, it is not your fault. It is the university's fault. Why they admit you in the first place?" The sweet turned sour. He was insinuating us. HAHAHA.

Syeikh Rohimuddin had once spoke of something valuable. He said, when a student is distancing himself from his teacher upon seeing his teacher committing something unbecoming of a teacher, the student is lack of understanding in ilmu tauhid. Why? Because he had attributed his teacher with perfection, which is only befitting the one and the only Creator of this universe, جل و علا. He forgets that the teacher is a mere human, capable of committing error. 

I see Ustaz Don has touched many souls. His approach is close to people's heart. He presents Islam in a realistic manner and easy to be understood and received by ordinary people. He might not be right all the time. That makes him human. He remains humble and appears to be disturbed by the attack directed at him. That is more human. I pray may Allah give him strength to carry out what he had started.


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