Que Sera Sera

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The friends who are unfaithful
The brothers who keeps hurting and acting strangers
The job that's sometimes get me jaded
The feeling of under-appreciated
The scrupulous attack tarnishing the Court
The continuous thinking on uncertainty of tomorrow
The lonesome that sometimes kills
The ghost of the past that rips the will to love
The crave for hugs when feel hurt
The dreams that remain dreams
The inability to appear weak
The unknown that requires learning
A Superman who wish to fall upon the knees (five for fighting, haha)

Que sera sera, what ever will be will be.

سهرت أعين ، ونامـت عيـون 
                   في أمـور تكـون أو لا تكـون

فادرأ الهم ما استعطت عن النفس 
                   فحملانـك الهـمـوم جـنـون

إن رباً كفاك بالأمس مـا كـان 
                   سيكفيك فـي غـدٍ مـا يكـون

The eyes wake up and fall asleep
For the affairs that might happen or might not

Shun the sadness as possible from your soul
For clinging to it is a madness

God had fulfilled your needs yesterday
And he will do the same for you tomorrow 

- Zainab Binti Muhammad Rasulullah S.A.W -


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