A touch

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Looking at pictures shared at social networks, some are funny, some are mind opening and some give good reminders. As the saying goes - a picture will tell a thousand of stories.

Acknowledgement of seeing or expressing interest with a picture is manifested by clicking "LIKE" button at Facebook or a simple double tap at Instagram (or clicking the love button). I keep my Instagram account private. Some things are better kept private. I cant assume everybody will enjoy what I share.

It is a usual thing to see responses for the pictures I post. It seems they are telling me that they have seen the pictures and perhaps they are enjoying it. I regularly view pictures, especially at Instagram.

But there are times when I do not hit like button. The reason of doing that, so it will keep the distance I need with the owner of the pictures. 

There are instances where I grew fond of someone by this simple interaction. The person is attractive and nothing is wrong with that. But when it is leaning towards what I imagine to be against all odds, I remind myself the lesson from the past relationships. It teaches me valuable lesson of being realistic. When there is fear of getting fond of someone, I believe I shall halt further interactions. 

Nonetheless, I am unable to refrain anyone from doing the same to my picture (unless I block them and that's not going to happen). They do like the pictures and the reason is unknown to me. The hearts is glowing. The mind then starts wondering. It cant be helped, maybe they are special in my eyes, thus these bewildering thoughts.

The ghost of the past still haunts and rips the will to embrace anyone and that fear is much greater in situation of taking positive move towards approaching someone.

The bewildering mind is inevitable, so let it be.

And...these things are consequential of a touch on a mobile phone. Just a touch.


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