Why I pen my thoughts

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why I pen my thoughts

1. It will serve as a memoir. A timeline of maturity. I love reading back the old posts and laugh at myself.

2. Sharing what we might see as petty, might turn out to be useful to others. Sharing is caring yawww.

3. I love biographies, especially the unsung heroes. I am moved by Tan Sri Harun Hashim "The Benchmark", the late Dato' Vincent Ng "Foot print", Tun Hamid Omar "Off the Bench", "Reluctant Politician" of Tun Dr Ismail, "A Man of His Time- Tun Suffian" and many more. These books tell how these great people live their lives. I might not be a great person, but my biography might worth something to my offspring.

4. I intentionally write in discreet and I expect people will read it (if any) discreetly.


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