Putrajaya and Bittersweet Memories Therein

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

24.11.2013 - I went to Putrajaya. The next day is scheduled for a meeting. I stayed at The Everly Hotel. It's a bit awkward staying at hotel in Putrajaya. 

After 7 months, I step my foot again at the majestic Palace of Justice. It's a mixed feeling. The place where I worked, I learnt and struggled,  in order to keep myself up to the standard as a Judicial Officer of the Federal Court of Malaysia.

During lunch break, I went to the Registry of the Federal Court to see my old place and the people I used to work with. During that brief visit we managed to badmouth each others and laughed.

After the meeting ended, I went up to another office where I was stationed before I got transferred out, to pick up some stuff I left behind. The secretary, the orderly and my successor welcomed me warmly. I miss the days when I was striving to prepare write ups, reading cases, reading books, doing research and analyzing statistic. Then, I was granted the right of audience before my former boss and to be frank, I am so happy to see his lorship. How can I not miss a boss who is also a great teacher. During that short audience I still received guidance and valuable advice. After picking up the stuff, I left the palace.

It is good to be back at the Palace. Alas, It can't be helped to recall few memories which I have left untouched for a long time. The good days that I seemed to have a formidable team, unshackled by foreign perception, in a continuum of truth and strength exclusively and personally defined and upheld, with no regards to others. The utopia couldn't stand the test of time. The values and trust corroded and the team is no longer formidable. It's poignant. When an ally to the team confessed inability to commit, the rest must take the same path and parting consequential took place. I have done the best of my ability for the team, leaving nothing but to throw myself in further humiliation and dismay. Somewhere one must halt, so do I. It's a good memory which seems not going to recur again. Deep inside,  a small whisper wishes for it.

My boss told me I am going to come back to Putrajaya. I hope it will not be too soon and perhaps when the time comes, it will be in a better environment, insya Allah.


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