Sirih-sirih Pulang Ke Gagang - IIUM Swimming Pool

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

IIUM Swimming Pool
Yesterday, Nik and I went to IIUM swimming pool. That very place is where  I learned how to swim , trained to be lifeguard and university swimmer, and later served as lifeguard and swimming instructor. Nik shares the same background.

Reminiscing the good old days as "The Lifeguard". We used to share foods and drinks. We quarrelled with the officer in charge of our allowance when the payment is late. We swam when we were caught by fever or when we got running noses. We undergo training from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m, in order to get the Bronze Medallion. Training during fasting month of Ramadhan was tougher, since we couldn't take heavy meal during iftar (not to throw it up later), and we lost appetite after hours of training. Post-training, we would take our juice, a blend of various fruits and we called it "air syurga". I normally took two big glasses...haha. Every Wednesday, we would go to pasar malam after afternoon session ended and had hour makan besar before 8.00 pm session begun.

Nasi Arab Mahallah Ali
Nik and I knows each other at the pool. Ever since, he became my best friend. At one time,  we were unfortunate since we were assigned to do breaststroke for inter-universities swimming competition (MASUM). Those who do freestyle will finish earlier and we were then left behind to complete the training.  We would be the last to leave the pool. The pool was where we told each other our stories. As friends, there were bumps here and there, but we remain good friends.

On the way home, while listening to IKIM.FM, a hadith was narrated, by Abu Hurairah R.A, that the Prophet had once said;
"And, you will find the worst of all people, the one with two faces who comes to this group with one face, and to that group with another face."
I seek refuge from Allah from such an attribute. I seek forgiveness for all of my sins. Amin.

Faces struck by hunger. Haha
It was such a great visit. It brings back the good memories. Good activity (swimming), good meals and more important, good companion. Ianya sirih-sirih yang pulang ke gagang.


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