Wind of Change

Friday, March 9, 2012

On 3 February 2012, I received a letter, stating I will be relocated to another place within Istana Kehakiman. The effective date of the transfer order is 2 February 2012. I've been thinking, I was literally asked to perform something and they want it yesterday!

I went to see my new boss for courtesy call. It was a pleasant meeting, it soothed and calmed the uneasiness in me. I took things positively. I prayed so I will be useful at the new place and so far, I feel good. There are new things that I need to learn. New crafts and discipline to be instilled and mastered.

Nevertheless, I miss my old place. My room with a window where I always had my morning sun bath (my new room has no window), the laughters and the noises, exchange of sarcastic words with the staffs, hectic afternoon handling case management and many more.

Being at the new place (in fact just another room in the same building yoo!), there are few unfamiliar faces  I have met. Re-organisation at one division also caused few officers got transferred here, whom I need work with at occasions. 

I think that I am terrible when it comes to having good friends. Friends are those who could accept the imperfect me, whom I tell stories unknown to the rest of the world. I could remember things well, but when I need keep harsh things done unto me makes me feel this good memory is a curse. The phrase "forgive and forget" is unlikely to happen since forgetting is difficult to perform. When I feel there is a good friend around, I keep reminding myself not to be too fond. I had once said to my friends "Kita takkan berkawan baik selama-lamanya, tapi buat masa ini, kita berkawan betul-betul - We are not going to be friends forever, but for now, let us be true friends." These friends chided me for saying that, but now it's proven that I was right.

There is usual saying that friends not only laugh, but also cry with us. The epic story of good friends are perpetuated  in the Quran, when the Prophet SAW told Saidina Abu Bakr R.A when they were hunted down by the enemy, "Be sad not, for Allah is with us." 

The great disparity of increment between top management post and the rest of the government servant causes Skim Baru Perkhidmatan Awam (SBPA) to be scrapped off. I know being a government servant, I would not be a billionare (not even millionare), no matter how hard I work. We provide service to the people (and the nation) and I am satisfied with that.

Sport Activity
I started paying for gym activities starting January 2012. I do go to gym since I can't afford to feel guilty paying for something I do not use. One patron told that we should not run as fast as we can when using the treadmill and perhaps to change the target to completing a distance, let say 5KM. I tried and managed to reduce the completion time from 50 minutes to 45 minutes and later 42 minutes. Now I know why it is portrayed in korean drama that the character will start running on treadmill when he or she got stressed. I find it therapeutic.

My fellow Izzuddinians and I had proposed to have tennis game as our weekly activity. The project started off and was well received with many participants from outside Putrajaya too. The reason for the tennis project is the difficulty in booking badminton court. Hopefully this good activity will continue and keep us healthy.

I pray so I am able to knit smiles in facing the coming days with unknown turbulence fated and ordained upon me.



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