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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

11 March 2012- I received guests at my humble hut, 2 friends from my alma mater, Sekolah Izzuddin Shah. Both are educators by profession, an ustaz at secondary school in Taiping, Perak while the other one is an English teacher at secondary school in  rural district of Tongod, Sabah. After a tennis battle between few Izzuddinians, we finished briyani udang I had prepared earlier and later we spoke of the noble career, being teacher (or ustaz).

I personally had the privilege of being an educator. After completing my 1st year of my law degree, during 3 months break in 2004, I had been a KAFA (Kelas Agama dan Fardhu Ain) teacher at another alma mater of mine, Sekolah Agama Rakyat Ar-Rahmaniah, Kampung Datuk, Tapah. I was assigned to teach standard 2 and standard 3 pupils. Later upon completion of my law degree and before starting my Shariah degree, I applied for the post of temporary teacher and I taught at Sekolah Kebangsaan Datuk Kelana, Tapah for 2 months. Later in 2007 I was employed as Criminal Law Tutor at Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law, IIUM.

On that night, the guests and I told each other our stories and they made me to recall few memorable ones.

Si Imran
Imran was my standard two student at Sekolah Agama Rakyat Ar-Rahmaniah, Kg Datuk, Tapah. The first thing I did when I was assigned to be the class teacher was to re-arranged students position. Students who are in my opinion likely to cause menace, I placed them closer to my desk and Imran desk was literally under my nose. Nevertheless, he then did not appear to be such a naughty boy. To my surprise, after few weeks, I was told by one girl that the naughtiest student of standard 2 was one Ismail and Imran was the second! This Imran was never absent from my classes except for one, and I still remember it was because his father went "balik kampung" to Batu 14, Tapah. 

After I left the school to start my 2nd year study, I did went back to the school for few times. I couldn't see Imran. After few visits, I was told "Lepas ustaz berhenti, Imran selalu tak datang sekolah agama." I was not happy to hear that. I might not see this student again, so I say to myself.

In 2006, as I told before, I was a teacher again at Sekolah Kebangsaan Datuk Kelana. During my early days in Sekolah Kebangsaan Datuk Kelana, on one fine morning, a student handed over a handwritten letter to me. The writer of the letter turned out to be Imran, my standard 2 student at Sekolah Kafa few years earlier. He told me that he was not at Sekolah Datuk Kelana anymore and asked me why I didn't teach at his school. He also asked me to get my self transferred to his school. I almost cried. I found out that my students met Imran at their afternoon Sekolah Agama session and told Imran that I was teaching at their place,which caused this poor little Imran to write the letter to me. He was so innocent. Remembering this never fail to make me smile.I pray so this boy will succeed in life and may Allah bless this boy with wisdom, who will touch many hearts, just like he had touched mine.

Few more notes on the days I spent at Sekolah Kebangsaan Datuk Kelana, which were indeed beautiful and joyful one. During recess, sometimes student will come to see me (especially standard 1 student) They were there to tell me that they lost their money (duit belanja) and they wasn't there just to inform me. The implied words are "so give me some money so I can buy food."

In one standard 4 science class, i was teaching on the subject of "PROTECTION". I told the students that PORCUPINE had sharp thorns. Later I made them to repeat few animals name and I get back to picture of porcupine. So I asked "Who knows what is this?" There was one student at the back in prefect uniform by the name of Faizal put up his hand and answered "PONYUKAIN!"

Muhammad Matthew
Matthew was a standard one student at Sekolah Kebangsaan Datuk Kelana. A chubby little boy, one of his parents is from Sabah. He is funny. I had once asked him why did he take so long bringing the book from teacher's room to the class, he responded "Because I wasn't running ustaz!". In another occasion I asked him, as the class leader, "Why the students made noise?" his answer was "because they did not listen to me." On one day, I asked him bout his siblings, he told me he had one younger brother named Muhammad Harith. After a pause he added, " and another one named Muhammad Albert."

On my last day, this cute, funny and chubby little Matthew approached me. He said he want to shake my hand. He then cried. I asked him why and he said "tade pape" and continued crying. I asked again "Sebab ustaz nak berhenti ke?" he cried louder and shook his head. I couldn't cry because there are lots of people there and "I AM NOOR." Poor little Matthew. I do hope to see this Matthew successful and for me, to be part of his learning process is indeed a privilege. May Allah bless Matthew with strength and wisdom. He might have cried, but I believe a time will come when people will cry his name for his greatness, InsyaAllah.

I did learn many things from the kids I taught. I learnt that people are different and the most precious lesson from this innocent kids, I learnt how to be a better human. They know nothing about politics, they will speak their mind without hesitation (e.g - ustaz cepat berpeluh sebab dia debab- DANG!!!!) 

The visit of the two friends had really brought back the good old sweet memories. Both of them told me that as time goes by, they see many teachers lost their passion in teaching and start taking teaching nothing more than just a routine. Their wishes that in event they start to have this adverse dull feeling going to school, they hope they will be willing to leave the profession. I on the other hand pray - so they will be vested with endless passion in teaching and educate the future engineers of this country.

That's all for now. Til then.


ibn_idris84 said...

oh Matthew...
one day hang kne bwk aku jmpa bdak ni...

Faisal said...

Yup, Matthew was the star of our chat that night, and he's blessed to have had the opportunity to be taught by NOOR. On another note, let's all pray that teachers will be able to find the inner strength and neverending passion to continue teaching. The chat we had made me realise of how fortunate I am and how our perspective at things actually make a big difference. Thanks for the du'a my wise ol friend :)

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