The Story of Reward

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life is tiring with everyday chores
I feel jaded, and everyday it grows
Then our road crossed, thus the story rolls
We are then bound, so are our souls

But I do fear
I still long the memory of yesteryears
Not a pleasant story to tell neither for others to hear
Just to note, it was at the expense of few tears

Anyway, every single day I pray
So I wont hurt with what I do or what I say
Till the day our hair turns grey
Allahumma, hear me and let this stay.

Kemanusiaan dan Adik Dirang

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Berita pembunuhan Nurul Nadirah menggemparkan Malaysia. Hati mana yang tidak tersentuh dan jiwa mana yang tidak diselubungi kemarahan bila terdengar berita yang menyayat hati itu. Diculik, dibunuh dan dibakar, tidak tergambar betapa kejamnya perbuatan seumpama itu.

Keganasan ke atas kanak-kanak pastinya sesuatu yang tidak dapat aku terima, meskipun atas nama mendidik. Kekerasan walaupun boleh digunakan, ia ada hadnya. Aku tahu apa rasanya bila dipukul atas sebab yang aku sendiri tidak tahu kenapa. Aku tahu rasanya dikeroyok atas kesilapan yang aku lakukan hanya kerana aku kanak-kanak. Aku tahu rasanya bila berhadapan dengan kuasa yang tidak mampu aku lawan dan hindar melainkan dengan berdendam dan menangis. Aku juga tahu makna kata-kata kesat yang dilontarkan, dan mereka sangka aku tidak tahu hanya kerana aku kanak-kanak. 

Pesalah-pesalah keganasan barangkali disogok dengan keganasan sedemikian rupa pada zaman kecil mereka Janganlah berselindung atas nama mendidik demi menghalalkan keganasan ke atas kanak-kanak. Allahumma semoga kemanusiaan kekal di dalam jiwa-jiwa manusia. Semoga adinda Nurul Nadirah dikurniakan sebaik-baik tempat di sana.
Dan sesungguhnya Kami jadikan untuk neraka jahanam banyak dari jin dan manusia, mereka mempunyai hati (tetapi) tidak mahu memahami dengannya (ayat-ayat Allah), dan yang mempunyai mata (tetapi) tidak mahu melihat dengannya (bukti keesaan Allah) dan yang mempunyai telinga (tetapi) tidak mahu mendengar dengannya (ajaran dan nasihat); mereka itu seperti binatang ternakan, bahkan mereka lebih sesat; mereka itulah orang-orang yang lalai (Surah Al-A'raf: 179)

Teacher, Ustaz, Imran and Matthew

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

11 March 2012- I received guests at my humble hut, 2 friends from my alma mater, Sekolah Izzuddin Shah. Both are educators by profession, an ustaz at secondary school in Taiping, Perak while the other one is an English teacher at secondary school in  rural district of Tongod, Sabah. After a tennis battle between few Izzuddinians, we finished briyani udang I had prepared earlier and later we spoke of the noble career, being teacher (or ustaz).

I personally had the privilege of being an educator. After completing my 1st year of my law degree, during 3 months break in 2004, I had been a KAFA (Kelas Agama dan Fardhu Ain) teacher at another alma mater of mine, Sekolah Agama Rakyat Ar-Rahmaniah, Kampung Datuk, Tapah. I was assigned to teach standard 2 and standard 3 pupils. Later upon completion of my law degree and before starting my Shariah degree, I applied for the post of temporary teacher and I taught at Sekolah Kebangsaan Datuk Kelana, Tapah for 2 months. Later in 2007 I was employed as Criminal Law Tutor at Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law, IIUM.

On that night, the guests and I told each other our stories and they made me to recall few memorable ones.

Si Imran
Imran was my standard two student at Sekolah Agama Rakyat Ar-Rahmaniah, Kg Datuk, Tapah. The first thing I did when I was assigned to be the class teacher was to re-arranged students position. Students who are in my opinion likely to cause menace, I placed them closer to my desk and Imran desk was literally under my nose. Nevertheless, he then did not appear to be such a naughty boy. To my surprise, after few weeks, I was told by one girl that the naughtiest student of standard 2 was one Ismail and Imran was the second! This Imran was never absent from my classes except for one, and I still remember it was because his father went "balik kampung" to Batu 14, Tapah. 

After I left the school to start my 2nd year study, I did went back to the school for few times. I couldn't see Imran. After few visits, I was told "Lepas ustaz berhenti, Imran selalu tak datang sekolah agama." I was not happy to hear that. I might not see this student again, so I say to myself.

In 2006, as I told before, I was a teacher again at Sekolah Kebangsaan Datuk Kelana. During my early days in Sekolah Kebangsaan Datuk Kelana, on one fine morning, a student handed over a handwritten letter to me. The writer of the letter turned out to be Imran, my standard 2 student at Sekolah Kafa few years earlier. He told me that he was not at Sekolah Datuk Kelana anymore and asked me why I didn't teach at his school. He also asked me to get my self transferred to his school. I almost cried. I found out that my students met Imran at their afternoon Sekolah Agama session and told Imran that I was teaching at their place,which caused this poor little Imran to write the letter to me. He was so innocent. Remembering this never fail to make me smile.I pray so this boy will succeed in life and may Allah bless this boy with wisdom, who will touch many hearts, just like he had touched mine.

Few more notes on the days I spent at Sekolah Kebangsaan Datuk Kelana, which were indeed beautiful and joyful one. During recess, sometimes student will come to see me (especially standard 1 student) They were there to tell me that they lost their money (duit belanja) and they wasn't there just to inform me. The implied words are "so give me some money so I can buy food."

In one standard 4 science class, i was teaching on the subject of "PROTECTION". I told the students that PORCUPINE had sharp thorns. Later I made them to repeat few animals name and I get back to picture of porcupine. So I asked "Who knows what is this?" There was one student at the back in prefect uniform by the name of Faizal put up his hand and answered "PONYUKAIN!"

Muhammad Matthew
Matthew was a standard one student at Sekolah Kebangsaan Datuk Kelana. A chubby little boy, one of his parents is from Sabah. He is funny. I had once asked him why did he take so long bringing the book from teacher's room to the class, he responded "Because I wasn't running ustaz!". In another occasion I asked him, as the class leader, "Why the students made noise?" his answer was "because they did not listen to me." On one day, I asked him bout his siblings, he told me he had one younger brother named Muhammad Harith. After a pause he added, " and another one named Muhammad Albert."

On my last day, this cute, funny and chubby little Matthew approached me. He said he want to shake my hand. He then cried. I asked him why and he said "tade pape" and continued crying. I asked again "Sebab ustaz nak berhenti ke?" he cried louder and shook his head. I couldn't cry because there are lots of people there and "I AM NOOR." Poor little Matthew. I do hope to see this Matthew successful and for me, to be part of his learning process is indeed a privilege. May Allah bless Matthew with strength and wisdom. He might have cried, but I believe a time will come when people will cry his name for his greatness, InsyaAllah.

I did learn many things from the kids I taught. I learnt that people are different and the most precious lesson from this innocent kids, I learnt how to be a better human. They know nothing about politics, they will speak their mind without hesitation (e.g - ustaz cepat berpeluh sebab dia debab- DANG!!!!) 

The visit of the two friends had really brought back the good old sweet memories. Both of them told me that as time goes by, they see many teachers lost their passion in teaching and start taking teaching nothing more than just a routine. Their wishes that in event they start to have this adverse dull feeling going to school, they hope they will be willing to leave the profession. I on the other hand pray - so they will be vested with endless passion in teaching and educate the future engineers of this country.

That's all for now. Til then.

Wind of Change

Friday, March 9, 2012

On 3 February 2012, I received a letter, stating I will be relocated to another place within Istana Kehakiman. The effective date of the transfer order is 2 February 2012. I've been thinking, I was literally asked to perform something and they want it yesterday!

I went to see my new boss for courtesy call. It was a pleasant meeting, it soothed and calmed the uneasiness in me. I took things positively. I prayed so I will be useful at the new place and so far, I feel good. There are new things that I need to learn. New crafts and discipline to be instilled and mastered.

Nevertheless, I miss my old place. My room with a window where I always had my morning sun bath (my new room has no window), the laughters and the noises, exchange of sarcastic words with the staffs, hectic afternoon handling case management and many more.

Being at the new place (in fact just another room in the same building yoo!), there are few unfamiliar faces  I have met. Re-organisation at one division also caused few officers got transferred here, whom I need work with at occasions. 

I think that I am terrible when it comes to having good friends. Friends are those who could accept the imperfect me, whom I tell stories unknown to the rest of the world. I could remember things well, but when I need keep harsh things done unto me makes me feel this good memory is a curse. The phrase "forgive and forget" is unlikely to happen since forgetting is difficult to perform. When I feel there is a good friend around, I keep reminding myself not to be too fond. I had once said to my friends "Kita takkan berkawan baik selama-lamanya, tapi buat masa ini, kita berkawan betul-betul - We are not going to be friends forever, but for now, let us be true friends." These friends chided me for saying that, but now it's proven that I was right.

There is usual saying that friends not only laugh, but also cry with us. The epic story of good friends are perpetuated  in the Quran, when the Prophet SAW told Saidina Abu Bakr R.A when they were hunted down by the enemy, "Be sad not, for Allah is with us." 

The great disparity of increment between top management post and the rest of the government servant causes Skim Baru Perkhidmatan Awam (SBPA) to be scrapped off. I know being a government servant, I would not be a billionare (not even millionare), no matter how hard I work. We provide service to the people (and the nation) and I am satisfied with that.

Sport Activity
I started paying for gym activities starting January 2012. I do go to gym since I can't afford to feel guilty paying for something I do not use. One patron told that we should not run as fast as we can when using the treadmill and perhaps to change the target to completing a distance, let say 5KM. I tried and managed to reduce the completion time from 50 minutes to 45 minutes and later 42 minutes. Now I know why it is portrayed in korean drama that the character will start running on treadmill when he or she got stressed. I find it therapeutic.

My fellow Izzuddinians and I had proposed to have tennis game as our weekly activity. The project started off and was well received with many participants from outside Putrajaya too. The reason for the tennis project is the difficulty in booking badminton court. Hopefully this good activity will continue and keep us healthy.

I pray so I am able to knit smiles in facing the coming days with unknown turbulence fated and ordained upon me.



Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fitnah ialah perkataan arab yang dimelayukan. Namun, penggunaan fitnah di dalam bahasa Melayu membawa makna yang berbeza dari penggunnannya di dalam bahasa asalnya. Orang Melayu menggambarkan fitnah itu sebagai mengada-adakan cerita bagi tujuan memburuk-burukkan seseorang. Dengan pemahaman makna yang tersebut, maka ayat 191, Surah Al-Baqarah yang menyebut وَالْفِتْنَةُ أَشَدُّ مِنَ الْقَتْلِ (dan fitnah itu lebih merbahaya dari membunuh) sering diungkapkan bagi menunjukkan keburukan mengada-adakan cerita dengan tujuan memburukkan seseorang.

Imam At-Tobari di dalam Tafsirnya menyebut fitnah itu membawa makna "cubaan dan pengujian". Beliau juga menyebut beberapa riwayat yang mentafsirkan Surah Al-Baqarah: 191 bahawa makna fitnah di dalam ayat itu sebagai "kembalinya seorang mukmin kepada menyembah berhala adalah lebih teruk dari membunuh", "syirik itu lebih teruk dari membunuh", Pendapat yang serupa dinaqalkan juga oleh empunya Tafsir Ibnu Kathir dan empunya Tafsir Ibnu Abi Hatim.

"Takutilah fitnah yang tidak hanya akan mengenai orang-orang yang zalim di kalangan kamu sahaja." (Surah Al-Anfal:25)

1. Walaupun perbuatan membuat cerita bagi memburukkan orang  itu terkutuk, namun mendalilkan Surah Al-Baqarah:191 bagi menguatkan hujah adalah sesuatu yang tidak kena dan di luar konteks.

2. Perbuatan zalim mengundang fitnah yang akan diturunkan Allah dan fitnah (cubaan) itu terangkum juga ke atas orang-orang yang hampir dengan mereka yang zalim. Oleh itu, adalah baik untuk kita menjauhi orang-orang yang zalim (dengan tangan atau lidahnya) supaya tidak difitnah dengan mehnah dari sisi Allah.

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