Legal Mix Up

Friday, December 23, 2011

When u fall down, stand up - restitutio in integrum

When u cause your own pain, dont cry - volenti non fit injuria

When u care for others, do with good heart - bona fide

Whenever u lend your hand, seek nothing in return - pro bono

When something dissatisfies you, listen - audi alteram partem

If you pray to God, have faith - uberrimae fidei

Can you think that you are good? u cant - nemo debet ese judex in propria causa

Don't blame others if you are no angel - ex turpi causa non oritur actio

If what u search is going no where, stop - nolle prosequi

Insincerity is evil by itself - mala in se

When u make a promise, fulfill it - pacta sunt servanda

Remember that God promise good rewards for good deeds - quid pro quo

Whenever u make a choice, leave it to God and spell no regret - res judicata

If u fail in what you do, try re-do - de novo

Doing good to others doesn't compel others to do the same to you - non sequitur

When you are to consider, ponder upon it properly - curia advisari vult


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