Journey to the east

Monday, December 5, 2011


The Keys I left
1. On 20th of November 2011 (Sunday) - I went to Kuching on official duty. At KLIA, during the security check, I left my car key and door keys. I was messed up. Luckily the next day when I called the Airport, they told me the keys are safe. fuhhh

Dinner at Rock Road, Kuching
2. Later in evening, I attended a dinner at Rock Road, Kuching. As usual, it had not disappointed the guest who came far far away across the sea. Nipah Crab in Hainan Sauce, butter prawn, sayur midin (Sarawak Vege)..Argh typing these menu makes me drooling. 

The Spirit of the Tiger
3. On 21st November 2011 (Monday), after a tiring official schedule, I went to Barok, across the river, from my hotel Grand Magherita. Just need to pay 50cent and the sampan will bring you across the river, where good local foods can be found. After a sumptuous dining, my friend and I rushed to the Mc Donald across the hotel, hoping to see Harimau Muda in action and the adrenaline rush cannot be described for the worry of the Harimau Muda, being an endangered species on foreign land of ruhtless Garuda. Unfortunate for us, the unpatriotic Mc Donald only subscribed to EPL channels. We then literally running back to my friend room to watch the awaited game. After many heart stopping moments, we join the rest of our fellow Malaysians, cheering the victory of our young warriors and indeed, we are proud of you Harimau Muda.

Leaving Kuching (isk isk isk)
4. On 22nd November (Tuesday), I managed to take tour at the shops located near the waterfront. It was an amazing view, to see such a beautiful place with many high quality craft. I bought pua kumbu cloth and two crafted tablecloth. I hang the pua kumbu at my living room, so I will always remember the beauty of the Land of Hornbills and the kindness of the people there. I am indeed fond of Sarawak. I am fascinated with the languange and I do learn it hard.

5. Later in the evening, at 8.50PM, I left Kuching for Kota Kinabalu.

sunset in Kota Kinabalu (from Imperial Boutec Hotel)

6. I reached Negeri Di Bawah Bayu around 10.30PM. It was like 12.00AM in semenanjung.

Another nice dinner
7. The following day, on 23rd November (Wednesday), after a tiring day, there was a dinner. I had lobster for the first time in my life, cooked in peanut butter sauce. It was a good dinner and it was better than the one I had in Kuching (though both are good and far over par). 

Spectacular and rare event
8. On 24th November (Thursday), there was one native case set for hearing. Early in the morning the natives gathered in front of the Court and at the very last minute, they were allowed to enter the Court room. They even sat on the floor. Their leader was consulted and we managed to get things in order. Out of respect to these people, Kota Kinabalu Court had even provided big screen, with live telecast of the proceeding to those who cannot enter the Court room. In the evening , I went to Filipino market to find good foods for dinner. Then I take a look at the infamous pearls of Sabah. It was a good sight-seeing place to wander around.

The seafood
9. I bought a kilogram of Udang Kuning ( dunno the official name) which is at RM30++ and a kilogram of tiger prawn which is RM50++. They are huge (L size) and my family wasn't disappointed to see these huge prawn indulged in creamy butter sauce for dinner when I cooked it later at my home, Tapah.
This costs RM240 (I did not buy it, just a snap of pic)
The Seafood Angel. (Her mom told me she is still single)

O Ye Who Miss The Flight
10. On 25th of November (Friday), I went back home. A friend of mine missed his flight and another staff also missed her flight. But they managed to fly back, as my friend bought new ticket at his own expense while my staff paid penalty and luck was with her when she could aboard on the next day. Once I reached KLIA, i collected the keys from security office.

Beautiful Beach of Tanjung Aru

11. It was a tiresome week of journey. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it and perhaps with Allah's grace, I will visit the east again (especially Kuching). Mun ada rezeki, kelak dapat gik kamek berambeh ke Sarawak.

Til then, the beautiful land and nice people of the East.


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