Saidina Umar RA - Kami berhenti, kami berhenti (انتهينا، انتهينا)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Arak...apa kedudukan sebenar arak. Lalu Saidina Umar berdoa, "Allahumma jelaskan kepada kami (pada perkara) arak, dengan penjelasan yang menenangkan." Kemudian turun ayat
Mereka bertanyakan kepadamu (Muhammad) tentang arak dan judi. Katakanlah, 'Pada keduanya itu terdapat dosa yang besar dan beberapa manfaat bagi manusia, namun dosa keduanya melampaui kebaikan keduanya...
(Surah Al-Baqarah: 219)
Maka sesudah itu, pada satu ketika, seorang sahabat bersolat di dalam keadaan mabuk, lalu tersilap membaca Surah Al-Kafirun tanpa menyebut "la" (لا), yang menyebabkan bacaannya berbunyi, "Wahai orang-orang kafir, kami menyembah apa yang kamu sembah" (sepatutnya tidak kami sembah apa yang kamu sembah).

Saidina Umar kemudian mengulangi doanya lagi "Allahumma jelaskan kepada kami (pada perkara) arak, dengan penjelasan yang menenangkan," kemudian turun ayat
Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Janganlah kamu mendekati solat ketika kamu dalam keadaan mabuk, sehinggalah kamu sedar apa yang kamu katakan...
(Surah An Nisa': 43)
Adapun sesudah itu, setiap kali tiba solat, yang memanggil untuk mengerjakan solat akan mengumumkan , "Jangan menghampiri solat, sekalian yang mabuk."

Saidina Umar R.A terus berdoa lagi "Allahumma jelaskan kepada kami (pada perkara) arak, dengan penjelasan yang menenangkan.." Kemudian dari itu
Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Bahawa sesungguhnya arak, dan judi, dan pemujaan berhala, dan menilik nasib dengan batang-batang anak panah, adalah  kotor dari perbuatan Syaitan. maka jauhilah ia mudah-mudahan kamu berjaya. Sesungguhnya Syaitan itu hanyalah bermaksud mahu menimbulkan permusuhan dan kebencian di antara kamu dengan sebab arak dan judi, dan mahu memalingkan kamu daripada mengingati Allah dan daripada mengerjakan sembahyang. Oleh itu, tidakkah kamu mahu berhenti? (Surah Al-Maidah: 90-91) 
 Saidina Umar menjawab, "Kami berhenti, kami berhenti." انتهينا، انتهينا

(Rujukan: Tafsir At-Tobari, pada ayat 219, Surah Al-Baqarah)

Legal Mix Up

Friday, December 23, 2011

When u fall down, stand up - restitutio in integrum

When u cause your own pain, dont cry - volenti non fit injuria

When u care for others, do with good heart - bona fide

Whenever u lend your hand, seek nothing in return - pro bono

When something dissatisfies you, listen - audi alteram partem

If you pray to God, have faith - uberrimae fidei

Can you think that you are good? u cant - nemo debet ese judex in propria causa

Don't blame others if you are no angel - ex turpi causa non oritur actio

If what u search is going no where, stop - nolle prosequi

Insincerity is evil by itself - mala in se

When u make a promise, fulfill it - pacta sunt servanda

Remember that God promise good rewards for good deeds - quid pro quo

Whenever u make a choice, leave it to God and spell no regret - res judicata

If u fail in what you do, try re-do - de novo

Doing good to others doesn't compel others to do the same to you - non sequitur

When you are to consider, ponder upon it properly - curia advisari vult

Dr Said Bouheraoua

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

He is my lecturer. An Algerian by nationality (he has the look of Zinadine Zidane), he is an unusual Arab. His wit is seldom to be found on someone of his scholarly stature. I was told that he is a footballer, playing in Kuala Lumpur League (Liga KL). He speaks fluent English. He uses simple arabic in his class.

His Wits
It was a small class, the first time I joined his lecture. For those who come late, they must recite poem, be it in any language. So one of my friend had once recited "dua tiga kucing berlari." We couldn't  help ourselves from having a good laugh at our friend, as much as Dr Said was asking what are the meaning of those words to share the joy of laughing.

In one afternoon tutorial class, I found myself a bit dull (it was a class immediate after me waking up from a good nap). He suddenly asked me:
Him: اعطيني خمسة فرق بيني وبينك (Give me 5 differences between you and me).
Me (last answer): انت تلعب كرة قدم احسن مني (You play football better than me).
He responded: !!هذا الأصح (This is the most correct!!). 
He then asked me whether I play football, I answered "no". He remarked "'s like comparing Ronaldinho with orang kampung".

In one of the class when we studied Uruf (custom / adat), a chapter in Usul Fiqh, the air conditioner stopped. It happened usually since the air conditioner was programmed to shut down every hour. He then said, "since the air conditioning stops everytime in this class, going by uruf (custom / adat) the nearest to the switch must turn it on."

On another occasion, my friends and I went to see him during the early days when we got our job. We met him to convey the good news. He welcomed us with greetings, hugging and mentioning each of our name. "Azhar," then he hugged, "Muhammad Noor," then he hugged. There was one who did not study under him, he said "You...., I don't know you," then he hugged...

He had once spoken of going back to Algeria, so I did ask about his plan of returning back then. He told me "The university already employed my wife to teach here, so now the plan is like being thrown down from level sixteen."

His Scholarship
He taught me Usul Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Fiqh Al-Muqarran (can be read Muqarin too - Contemporary Fiqh) and Asbab Al-Ikhtilaf (Reasons behind the differences in legal rulings). He memorizes Quran. He taught us as if the subjects are simple. His explanation reflects his vast knowledge in the subject. He cherishes differences in legal opinions. We often hear people speak of Mazhab Zahiri (the literalist) in a mocking tone. However, he explained to us the richness of the Zahiris School and one of its leading propounder, Imam Ibn Hazm Al-Andalusi Az-Zahiri. He takes differences with arms wide open and it makes me to be like him too, the one who is tolerating differences.

One day, in the midst of discussing hadiths,  he spoke of Abdullah Ibn Umar, Radiallahu Anhuma. He said Ibn Umar is one of the most strict companion, who tried to do and imitate whatever he saw the Prohet had done. In one occasion, Ibn Umar lowered his head while walking, and those who were with him gave him an odd look. When Ibn Umar was asked why he lowered his head, Ibn Umar told that he saw The Prophet did that when He passed that area...the reason being, there was a shady tree, perhaps the Prophet lowered his head so He would not bum unto the tree. But Ibn Umar did because of another reason. After the Prophet demised, the tree did grow and it wasn't shady anymore, Ibn Umar still ducked down...not to avoid any tree but because he saw the prophet did that. Out of sudden, Dr Said couldn't hold his tears and the class ended. We were stunned. I am deeply touched by that incident. We must love the prophet, and our teacher had shown good example for us to follow.

Another side of him
I had once seen him when a trouble befell upon me. He said things which I couldn't accept. I took it and I left. The matter was then referred to someone else who is known as expert in the area. He asked me to come back after two days. Surprisingly after two days ,the expert told me the exact things Dr Said had told me earlier. I wish if only I could write more detail on this.

On one night of Ramadhan, while curiously seeing an amazing young boy, Aslam, he saw me and he approached his student (while it should be the other way around), he said nice words to Aslam's father about me. I pray may his doa come true. His humbleness is something I admire.

He is not always wearing his light personality robe, at times, even after making some jokes, he heartlessly said to his student "You must study hard or you will FAIL...FAIL!!!!."

.....don't know what to state.....
I hope Fadilat Al-ustaz will always be in good health. I cant repay him for what he had taught and the kindness he had shown. I will always remember him and pray for him and his family. Perhaps when we leave, we would meet again beside haudh of the beloved Prophet.


Satu Tahun

Dalam masa beberapa hari lagi, 2011 akan berlalu..
Azam tahun ini ada yang tak tercapai lagi
Bab jodoh, malas nak pasang azam
Kata orang jodoh takkan datang bergolek
Jadinya kalau tak cari, tak payahlah beria azam nak kahwin.

Bila kata pada orang yang kita tengah mencari
Orang kerap sangka kita begitu terdesak sekali
Memang aku memilih, sebab itu  ianya tak mudah
Dan tak semua yang kita suka, dia nak juga pada kita
Mungkin ada, cuma belum masanya.

Sejak dilahirkan, manusia bergerak menuju kematian
Mati itu pasti, syurga juga pasti, neraka jua pasti
Namun hati kerap lupa dan jauh
Iman bertambah dan berkurang, kini kerap berkurang
Ku mohon dipelihara iman ini, agar aku bahagia di sana nanti
(cukup kiranya andai aku tak sempat berbahagia di sini)

Sebelum tiada kelak

Friday, December 16, 2011

Kewujudan seseorang itu selalunya hanya terasa apabila beliau sudah tiada. Kalau baik orangnya, akan dikenang segala kebaikannya, jika yang sebaliknya mungkin yang lain akan menghela nafas lega.

Bagi yang baik, sekecil-kecil budi cukup untuk dikenang orang, bak pantun orang dulu-dulu:
Pulau Pandan jauh ke tengah
Gunung daik bercabang tiga
Hancur badan dikandung tanah
Budi yang baik dikenang juga.
Barangkali ungkapan berima orang Melayu datang dari kefahamannya terhadap kalam Yang Esa
Sesungguhnya Kami menghidupkan orang-orang yang mati, dan Kami tuliskan segala yang telah mereka kerjakan serta segala kesan-kesan mereka (dari perkataan dan perbuatan yang mereka tinggalkan). Dan (ingatlah) tiap-tiap sesuatu kami catitkan satu persatu dalam Kitab (ibu Suratan) yang jelas nyata. (Surah Ya Sin: 12)
Sementelah masih ada, ucapkan semuanya selagi mahu, lakukan apa yang perlu. Usah kelak dah tiada dikenang-kenang, diungkit-ungkit namanya dan di "kalaulah dia ada". Sederap melangkah ke alam yang satu lagi, tidak akan kembali. Itu terjamin dengan pasti.

I Am Holier Than Thou - Aku Rasa Macam Bagus

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Terkadang dengan sedikit yang ada pada kita, membuak rasa hebat yang menjulang diri begitu tinggi. Sayup memandang mereka yang lain, jauh di bawah. Hanya kerana kelebihan yang dikurnia Ilahi, kita katakan yang lain tidak sebagus kita.

Dengan sedikit yang membuat kita tahu, kita gelarkan orang lain jahil. Dengan sedikit amalan agama kita tunaikan, kita katakan yang lain jahat. Dengan sedikit hadis yang kita hafal, kita kata masyarakat bergelumang dengan bid'ah. Dengan sedikit bacaan nukilan ilmuwan, kita bersedia menyanggah pandangan orang lama. Dengan sedikit harta yang kita ada, kita kata yang lain malas berusaha. Dengan sedikit pangkat yang kita ada, kita kebulur sembahan orang bawahan. Dan begitulah seterusnya

Pada Merasa Lebih Mengetahui
Renungkan teguran kepada Saidina Musa A.S, tatkala baginda ditanya oleh kaumnya berkenaan siapakah yang paling mengetahui. Baginda menjawab beliaulah yang paling mengetahui, lalu diingatkan Allah akan wujudnya Nabi Khidr A.S. (adapun Imam Bukhari mensyarahkan Nabi Khidir lebih mengetahui pada apa yang diajarkan kepadanya tetapi tidak diajar kepada Nabi Musa, bukan bermaksud Nabi Khidir merupakan orang yang paling mengetahui). Kisah selanjutnya dinukilkan di dalam Surah Al-Kahfi (tidak berhasrat mengulangi di sini).

Pada Merasa Diri "Lebih Dekat" Kepada Ilahi
"Dan bacakanlah kepada mereka (wahai Muhammad), khabar berita seorang yang kami beri kepadanya (pengetahuan mengenai) ayat-ayat (Kitab) Kami. kemudian ia menjadikan dirinya terkeluar dari mematuhinya, lalu ia diikuti oleh Syaitan (dengan godaannya), maka menjadilah dari orang-orang yang sesat." (Surah Al-A'raf: 174)
Ulama tafsir, di antaranya Imam Tobari menyebut bahawa ayat di atas berkenaan seorang yang makbul doanya, yang hidup sezaman dengan Nabi Musa A.S. Diriwayatkan namanya Bal'am Bin Baura. Sesudah Nabi Musa dan Bani Israil berjaya menyeberangi laut merah, mereka tiba di satu negeri. Takutkan kepada Nabi Musa dan mereka yang bersama baginda, penduduk negeri tersebut meminta Bal'am berdoa. Sesudah dipujuk rayu dengan sogokan isteri yang rupawan, Bal'am berdoa, menyebabkan Nabi Musa dan mereka yang bersama baginda sesat, hilang arah di dalam perjalanan. Begitu hebat doa Bal'am. Namun berakhir hayatnya dengan hina seperti yang disifatkan Allah-
Dan kalau Kami kehendaki nescaya Kami tinggikan pangkatnya dengan (sebab mengamalkan) ayat-ayat itu. Tetapi ia bermati-mati cenderung kepada dunia dan menurut hawa nafsunya; maka bandingannya adalah seperti anjing, jika engkau menghalaunya: ia menghulurkan lidahnya termengah-mengah, dan jika engkau membiarkannya: ia juga menghulurkan lidahnya termengah-mengah. Demikianlah bandingan orang-orang yang mendustakan ayat-ayat Kami. Maka ceritakanlah kisah-kisah itu supaya mereka berfikir. (Surah Al-A'raf: 176)

Pada Merasa Lebih Kaya Kerana Keras Berusaha
Demikian juga hartawan si Qarun yang juga hidup di zaman Nabi Musa. Beliau memiliki gedung-gedung menyimpan harta. Pekerja-pekerja yang ramai diperlukan bukan sahaja untuk memindah harta miliknya, malah untuk membawa kunci-kunci gedung tersebut (kunci sahaja pun dah banyak). Namun akhirnya beliau ditimbus seperti dikisahkan di dalam Surah Al-Qasas ayat 81.

Pada Mengecapi Nikmat Berpangkat
Misalan mengenai orang berpangkat yang paling hebat tidak lain dan tidak bukan Firaun. Beliau mengaku "Akulah Tuhan kamu sekalian yang maha tinggi". Beliau ditenggelamkan di dasar laut merah dan dikekalkan jasadnya sehingga ke hari ini, sebagai tanda penentang tuhan yang masyhur di dalam sejarah.

Adapun takabbur dan rasa bongkak itu pakaian Allah, haram dipakai oleh hamba-hambanya. Zahirkan rasa syukur atas sedikit yang kita ada. Jangan kita lupa, tanpa pengangkut sampah, tukang bersih, tukang paip, huru hara hidup kita. 

Dikongsi di sini pesanan yang baik, dari peribadi yang baik.

Journey to the east

Monday, December 5, 2011


The Keys I left
1. On 20th of November 2011 (Sunday) - I went to Kuching on official duty. At KLIA, during the security check, I left my car key and door keys. I was messed up. Luckily the next day when I called the Airport, they told me the keys are safe. fuhhh

Dinner at Rock Road, Kuching
2. Later in evening, I attended a dinner at Rock Road, Kuching. As usual, it had not disappointed the guest who came far far away across the sea. Nipah Crab in Hainan Sauce, butter prawn, sayur midin (Sarawak Vege)..Argh typing these menu makes me drooling. 

The Spirit of the Tiger
3. On 21st November 2011 (Monday), after a tiring official schedule, I went to Barok, across the river, from my hotel Grand Magherita. Just need to pay 50cent and the sampan will bring you across the river, where good local foods can be found. After a sumptuous dining, my friend and I rushed to the Mc Donald across the hotel, hoping to see Harimau Muda in action and the adrenaline rush cannot be described for the worry of the Harimau Muda, being an endangered species on foreign land of ruhtless Garuda. Unfortunate for us, the unpatriotic Mc Donald only subscribed to EPL channels. We then literally running back to my friend room to watch the awaited game. After many heart stopping moments, we join the rest of our fellow Malaysians, cheering the victory of our young warriors and indeed, we are proud of you Harimau Muda.

Leaving Kuching (isk isk isk)
4. On 22nd November (Tuesday), I managed to take tour at the shops located near the waterfront. It was an amazing view, to see such a beautiful place with many high quality craft. I bought pua kumbu cloth and two crafted tablecloth. I hang the pua kumbu at my living room, so I will always remember the beauty of the Land of Hornbills and the kindness of the people there. I am indeed fond of Sarawak. I am fascinated with the languange and I do learn it hard.

5. Later in the evening, at 8.50PM, I left Kuching for Kota Kinabalu.

sunset in Kota Kinabalu (from Imperial Boutec Hotel)

6. I reached Negeri Di Bawah Bayu around 10.30PM. It was like 12.00AM in semenanjung.

Another nice dinner
7. The following day, on 23rd November (Wednesday), after a tiring day, there was a dinner. I had lobster for the first time in my life, cooked in peanut butter sauce. It was a good dinner and it was better than the one I had in Kuching (though both are good and far over par). 

Spectacular and rare event
8. On 24th November (Thursday), there was one native case set for hearing. Early in the morning the natives gathered in front of the Court and at the very last minute, they were allowed to enter the Court room. They even sat on the floor. Their leader was consulted and we managed to get things in order. Out of respect to these people, Kota Kinabalu Court had even provided big screen, with live telecast of the proceeding to those who cannot enter the Court room. In the evening , I went to Filipino market to find good foods for dinner. Then I take a look at the infamous pearls of Sabah. It was a good sight-seeing place to wander around.

The seafood
9. I bought a kilogram of Udang Kuning ( dunno the official name) which is at RM30++ and a kilogram of tiger prawn which is RM50++. They are huge (L size) and my family wasn't disappointed to see these huge prawn indulged in creamy butter sauce for dinner when I cooked it later at my home, Tapah.
This costs RM240 (I did not buy it, just a snap of pic)
The Seafood Angel. (Her mom told me she is still single)

O Ye Who Miss The Flight
10. On 25th of November (Friday), I went back home. A friend of mine missed his flight and another staff also missed her flight. But they managed to fly back, as my friend bought new ticket at his own expense while my staff paid penalty and luck was with her when she could aboard on the next day. Once I reached KLIA, i collected the keys from security office.

Beautiful Beach of Tanjung Aru

11. It was a tiresome week of journey. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it and perhaps with Allah's grace, I will visit the east again (especially Kuching). Mun ada rezeki, kelak dapat gik kamek berambeh ke Sarawak.

Til then, the beautiful land and nice people of the East.
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