Tonsil Operation : The chronicle

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tag when admitted for second time
Tag when I was admitted for the first time

Reffered to ENT unit, Putrajaya Hospital
I was referred to ENT unit of Putrajaya Hospital following the frequent fever and sore throat in December 2009. I got 1st appointment in March 2010. Then another appointment (consultation) and in august, I was to undergo the operation. When I was brought on the bed in the operation theater and they ran ECG and found there is bigeminy (irregular heart beat). The operation was called off and I was referred to Institut Jantung Negara for further check-up.

When your heart sings this rhythm, it's bigeminy (I guess, mine looked similar to this)
First Round, IJN
The first check up was with Dr Tuan, a cardiologist from Vietnam. After going through reports and test results, he said i am fit to undergo the tonsillectomy. He wrote a letter, certifying that I am fit. He also prescribes a medicine called "Sotalol". I also met Ah Azlan, a friend whom I had not seen for 13 years.

Back to Putrajaya Hospital
I went back to ENT and they gave me new date for operation and I was scheduled to see the anesthetist, the doctors who will give me anesthesia. The doctors found out that Sotalol was prescribed, a medicine unknown to them and unavailable at Putrajaya Hospital. They then asked me to go to IJN again to find out whether i really need Sotalol despite of my heart beats are now normal. The operation is now postponed again pending further check-up.

Second Visit, IJN
I had another visit to IJN. This time, They put holter on me for a day, a week before the visit. the device will monitor my heart beats for 24 hours. They result was brought for to be analyzed by the cardiologist, and this time, Dr Ma. He spoke fluent Malay and he took the pain of explaining the medical jargon to a layman like me. He got surprise that I was yet to undergo the operation since a clearance was given by previous cardiologist. I told him that the reason was "Sotalol", medicine unknown to them and unavailable in Putrajaya Hospital Pharmacy. He explained that the medicine is to give me "gas". I can proceed even without it. He took a radical move, to personally talked with the boss of the anesthetist through phone, explaining my condition. He also wrote a letter so there would be something for me to carry and show later.

Snapping my own pic in the toilet (too shy to ask nurses there to help)
I got another date, 21 of September 2011. This time, they will do something to the tonsil and also something they called CAPSULE. I was required to be warded on that day, and on 22nd, the operation. I was placed in Ward 3A, Bed no. 3. My neighbour was Dr Suradi, a psychology lecturer of  Universiti Malaya. Mak Su, Amarzaman and later, Shahir paid me visit. I went to bed early, hoping nothing wrong will happen the next day.


On 22nd of September 2011 (Thursday), about 8.00am, I was in Theatre no 7. The doctors did some nice talking, asking me to recite salawat and I am lost. When i got up, I had this pain in my mouth. I spit bloods. That surely meant that they had done something to me. Alhamdulillah. At last. My thanks to Mrs Dr Hafiza, the ENT expert, Dr Azlina, the staff nurses, the UCSI nursing student who attended me. It was a pleasant days in ward 3A and thank you for embracing me, the new family member of ENT Putrajaya.

Post Operation
Mak Su was there when I opened my eyes. I was brought back to Ward 3A. Among the first conversation I had with Mak Su was that there was one phone call, from someone named Nik. I responded "o0o0o0o". They put saline into me through intravenous infusion (IV). In the afternoon, I got chicken porridge. I was too hungry. With everything in my mouth screaming indescribable pain, I finished the porridge. I was discharged the next day (Friday).

The bed
The Visit
Akob and his wife Nissa among the earliest to pay visit. Safar and colleagues from office also came. Pak Long, Mak Long, Syaqira, Ain and Kakak had also came. I am happy they come, especially when we had not seen each other for a very long time.

I am glad finally I had completed this long awaited operation. Hope this will solve my sleeping disorder and the snoring problem. I also wish that this pain will go as soon as possible. I want to have nasi lemak, steak and lamb chop.

Allahumma Ya Syaafi, Tuhan Yang Maha Menyembuh, sembuhkanlah diri ini.

*BTW, this is my post number 101.Huhu 


Aisya J said...

wah I didn't know you had operation or anythin at all! Hope you get better soon! :D

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