The Shining Windows & The Closed Door

Friday, October 21, 2011

As yesterday's sun went down
I feel uneasy, plenty of things are no longer around
Used to feel blessed, often my feet couldn't feel the ground
In that small shining space, joy and happiness were found

Thereafter, life goes on, I move albeit it's heavy
I keep glancing back, it's too good to let it free
At the side-walk there are shining windows, which I choose not to see
I stare at the closed door, hoping it will open though it will never be

I stumble unto people and fall down while I am moving
They scold me not, but they lend their hand to help me standing
As I grasp their hands and look around, it makes me realizing
The side-walk is bright, cause of the windows, through it the sun is shining

Throughout yesterday's night, as the darkness embraced
I was lonesome, did lots of thinking, and tried to be brave
Then I find it's already dawn, to God I say grace
The sun rises again and this time far from the closed door, I move away.

"Di dalam rumah yang luas itu barangkali ada satu sahaja tingkap yang redup cahayanya... selainnya pintu dan tingkap yang gemilang dicucuri sinar mentari"
-4 Sep 2011-


Mohd Syafi said...

setiap bait2 kata, amat mempesonakan.
tidak tahu kepada siapa yg ditujukan. empunya tuan bukn sembarangn ^^

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