Lifeguard - a personal story

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"The Prophet said "All things which is not in the state of remembering Allah is futile and neglect, except in four things- [1] a man (walking) between two aims (archery) [2] learning the art of (riding) horse [3] learning how to swim [4] playing with family. (Narrated by Imam Al-Baihaqi)"

I have been thinking for the whole day what to write. Life is not so exciting to tell. The same story of being in the office and lonesome at home. Then this evening, something popped up - LIFEGUARD.

I am a water sapiens (water creature). My parents used to bring my siblings and I go for picnic when we were kids. It develops my interest in water activities.

Butterfly stroke @IIUM Pool
Upon being enrolled as undergraduate at International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak, I made a visit to the university's swimming pool. It was an Olympic sized pool.There, I started learning how to swim properly and it took me 2 weeks to get how to do breaststroke (kuak dada). I learned it all by myself by imitating others at the pool. I then venture into learning freestyle (gaya bebas) and it took me 1 month to synchronize the movements of parts of the body.

By the time I started swimming there was a lifeguard training meant to recruit new lifeguard, I joined but then quit. It was too early. I just cant make it. But I keep going for swim. On my 3rd year of studies, there was another recruiting. I joined again.

The training took 3 months to complete. The training hours started when the pool is closed for public, roughly from 10.00pm until 1.00am. We did our training even during the month of Ramadhan. Upon completion of the training, there was a test conducted and i obtained my Bronze Medal, from Life Saving Society Malaysia.

Thereafter, I did my part time as lifeguard at IIUM male swimming pool. Majority of the patrons are the students. There are some lecturers and some visitors. Among students, the foreign students made up the majority of the population.

On personal account, i have saved 7 person from drowning, during my short term as lifeguard. I encountered a worst case scenario when the drowned person had no heart beat and had stopped breathing. We try to resuscitate the person. We were anxious and then, we heard  a sound "ALLAH". We were so relieved. It took us 5 minutes doing CPR to the person. Allah blessed us and kept the person lives. The coach then told us "this situation is much more difficult to attend, comparing to the lifesaving competitions we had joined and we should get medal for this." I must agree. I almost cried while doing the CPR, knowing that the person was drowned and might die, while I was on duty. It think that was an invaluable experience as a lifeguard.

I am proud being a lifeguard. I hope other lifeguard will be too. I dedicate this Bryan Adam's song to the  lifeguards all over the world.


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