Officer of the Court

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In a remand proceeding, there was one lawyer, waiting for his client's name to be called. The room was crowded with suspects. An application for detention under 117 Criminal Procedure Code was forwarded, and the persons concerned are 2 Malaysians who claimed that they cannot understand the national language but a little. Their application was stood down.

After names were called then the turn of the lawyer's client. He stood up. His client had been detained for 2 days, so the Court may further detain them for another 3 days and should that is insufficient, the police can ask for further detention, so he submitted.

He appeared to be incorrect. A detention cannot be made more than two times. Amendments were caused to the Criminal Procedure Code in 2007 where a suspect can only be detained twice for the purpose of investigation of an offence, unlike the older provision which authorizes as many detention can be done as long as it does not exceed 14 days. The Counsel was courteous, so overwhelming that his politeness compensates his unawareness of the current state law. His clients were then ordered to be detained for another 3 days. He is done with his case and he can walk back home.

But then the presiding officer realizes that there were two Malaysian citizens who cant understand the national language. Promptly he sought assistance from the lawyer, if he could interpret for the two what is going on in that room. His answer was firm, sounded proud of saying it and echos to the ear till this day. In inclining to the request, he said "Yes, of course I will do it, after all I AM OFFICER OF THE COURT. The two suspects were explained of the application made by the Police and order was made accordingly.

His presence was because of the clients who might have paid him. but he has nothing to do with the two Malaysian citizens who cant understand the national language. Yet he lend his hand. He was courteous and the way he maintained decorum deserves a respect even from the bench. It was further amplified by his assistance and his reason of doing so makes him someone worth of being remembered. Indeed the Court would be proud and grateful to have an officer like him.


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