Judging book by its cover : A perspective

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don't a judge book by its cover" i was told. Despite of "book" being mentioned, i might say that in most probabilities, no book come across one's mind upon hearing such phrase. Always taken as a caution that one must not easily judging a person, just by looking at how he or she appears.

Appearance versus intention
An appearance can be viewed or seen, while the intention is kept deep inside one's heart. In being judgmental, one can only judge what he can see. In short, apart of being a cautionary words, it must be disregarded if one is in position to determine or making affirmative assessment.The reality will demand thing to be assessed as how it appears. The dark secret of the heart is not viewable, but to the person keeping it and the Lord. Imam Syafie was quoted to say "we judge by what is zahir (visible) and Allah will govern the unseen." A similar tone can we found in the case of Anonymous (1477) YB Pasch 17 Edw IV, f 1, pl 2, where Chief Justice Brian quoted to say " it is trite law that the thought of man is not triable, for even the devil does not know what the thought of man is."

In short, "don't judge a book by its cover" can only be used as caution unto ourselves. When we "appear" to cause a mischief, then our intention is immaterial. Damage has been done, thus it is for others to caution themselves not to be prejudicial, not for us to justify our wrong. So it is said...

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