Friday, December 17, 2010

A Deputy Registrar of the Federal Court is transferred to the Court of Appeal. He is my room mate, my boss and my mentor. For 6 months we were sharing room. I learned a lot from him, on the legal side and much more about life.

I cant consider him as friend since I have so much respect for him. I remember when a magistrate was found guilty on bribery, in sympathetic tune, he said that he is one of our fellow brothers. So much respect he shows for peer in career. 

This coming week, no more laughing and discussion, worst, no more lesson from him. To my mentor, Tuan Ahmad Faizadh bin Yahaya, I salute you.


Aisya J said...

Hello :) Deleted it because of stuff. Too much drama going on in there so I choose to back out :D

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