Kuching City

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I landed at Kuching on 10th October 2010. I checked in at my hotel, Lime Tree Hotel, a small and nice hotel. For those who needs simple place to rest, this hotel is value for money and a clean one. One feature which i like the most is that the hotel doesnt have carpet,instead it uses wooden floor. As Im allergic to dust, this serves me well.

Usually, when we entered the room, we can used any card to enable using electric. Unfortunate this for this hotel, the device only recognizes the hotel's card. So u cant leave the room with electricity on.

It has nice king size bed, LCD Tv, simple place to hang clothes and toilet with shower (no bathtub). Free wifi is available, just ask the password from the counter, though it is not stable all the time.

Then I walked to waterfront, the must go place in Kuching. Hence my journey for jalan-jalan cari makan begun. I crossed the river using the local water taxi (sampan) with 50cent fee one way (but if u give 1 ringgit, they will return no change). Across the river is place called Barok, where people mostly go to buy Kek Lapis Dayang ape tah.

As i reached there, i went to one kedai which looked so traditional. However since it did not serve local delicacies, (and i am shy to ask) i just had a cup of iced coffee and leave.

As i reach the nearby medan selera, azan resounded in the air, I joined local people for jamaah Maghrib prayer and we finished at 6.45PM! (still remember the words of Ustaz Pahmi who reminded us to first find place to pray whenever reach a new place) Yet, to early for a semenanjung lad like me.

Mee Kolok and Tea C
Then I proceeded to my main agenda- FOOD~! For that nite, i had Mee Kolok (which a bit masin) and tea "c".

From the crowd, I form a conclusion that this place is a nice place to eat. Hehe



muzam said...

ade beli gambir sarawak?

Noor™ said...

xbeli..ko ade pesan ek?aduhh

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