Thursday, January 14, 2010

I say thanks. Lately, i keep chanting that word. I thank Allah, and I thank Allah for His tests, whether by way of granting me joy or blessing me with sorrow. I learn my lesson and I know Allah is always there, listening to each and every voice of mine, whether I utter it or I hide it deep inside my heart. Im grateful that happiness come together with sorrow. It opens my eyes and my heart. Indeed, the creation of life and death acts as test, who among us is better in our good deed (Al-mulk:2)

I say thanks to my best frens, coz they make me realize the importance of my family, especially my parents. I thank them also because they are so forgiving, despite of repetitious hurt I cause them. I know the feeling of losing these two wonderful people and i will not lose them again.

I say thanks to my frens. coz they listen to my sad stories and keep giving me hope. I nearly lose hope and at last, I know the price of being patient.

Thank You Allah and Thank you all of u.


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