Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's been 3 weeks since the last time I spoke "affectionately" with my sis.

Nik and i picked her up at Pudu, we went to watch Twilight new moon n later i sent them home. I wasn't talking too much thereafter. Twilight re open the wound, so my sighs were heard several times.

On my way to Putrajaya sumthin I think petty happened, i was given sumthin of which i refuse to accept. i return it back on that very nite and i received a message "i feel insulted".

As I hurt, i abstain myself from ruining the situation any further. I keep myself away and i send no messages. I think that my act of returning the thing of which i refuse to accept was the reason of this air between us becomes cold. i turn to be so wrong.

My bro told me after i persistently force him, that she hurt by my words and conducts and she had kept that for a quite long time .As i do something and later to speak about it again before these two precious persons, makes them feel that they are burden to me and sort of mengungkit.

How can they think and feel like that.....they are my bro and sister. Their happiness is also mine and their sadness makes me cry. I love them and i care bout them.

Maybe my act and words are sometimes done and uttered without further thinking. I'm too excited when i see them. The joy that i have in my heart cant be described in words.

But now, im losing one of them and consequently makes me lose the other one. My sis refuse to receive anything from me and my bro is following her foot steps.

I wish that i can hear her soothing voice for the last time. But i was too late to realize my mistakes. I need to pay the price of my wrong. I'm thinking of losing these two precious persons.

God help me in this turbulence. Keep them safe and keep them happy. Eternally they are always my bro and sis. I always love them.
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