Sunday, May 31, 2009

14th July 2008 I was there at Sg Petani, starting my legal journey. 16th July is the first day I presided over my own bench, without being assisted by a senior magistrate, the privilege that always being accorded to a new judicial officer. I rang the bell, I opened the door, I bowed and I sat. Then the huge crowd with the bar tables full with advocates and solicitors bowed back and sat. Then, with courtesy members of the bar addressed the new presiding officer of the court, I was writing and my hand was shaking... Pheww! Remembering that very day causes me goose bumps.

To Their Lordships and Ladyship Judges and Judicial commissioners of the High Court of Alor Star, The honorable Judges of the Session Court,the honorable Deputy Registrars of Alor Star High Courts, my honorable brethren Magistrates of Kedah, the honorable Senior Assistant Registrars of Alor Star High Courts, the honorable Deputy Public Prosecutors of Sungai Petani, the honorable Federal counsels, the honorable members of The Bar and lastly the prosecuting officers, – thanks for the guidance, assistance, lesson, auspice, kinship, brotherhood and friendship.

To the supporting staffs of Kedah Courts, thanks for the assistance and the friendship. Thank you for the guidance and concern towards me, a young brat who just learns bout living a life, as they called it - adik lelaki bongsu Mahkamah Sungai Petani.

To these people who taught me a portion about life, I salute you.

I seek apologies for mistakes done. The perfectness and goodness belong to Him and the shortcomings are mine.I pray may the memories, the friendship and the kinship last forever And May Allah protect the sanctity of the judiciary.

My Lords and My Ladies, that’s all for now, I rest my case and I’m most oblige.
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