Mr President Erdogan : I Salute You

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Erdogan has taken unusual step as he speaks his mind about the conflict in Gaza, suprisingly before the very person who represent the vicious Israeli regime, Mr President of Israel Shimon Peres.
The attack made against Palestinian is cruel, inhuman, uncivilized and pathetic. You don’t defend yourself by attacking woman and child. It can be concluded as the biggest breach of universal code of ethics and norms as the attack befalls upon helpless child and woman.
Egypt refuses Iranian vessel which carries food for the Palestinian from porting on its shore. That action warrant a damnation since they omit in lending help and yet, refuse to allow such assistance to be done by others.
I detest, i despise and i resent Israel for what they gas done to Palestin. The whole world share the same sentiment and Erdogan speaks the mind of these people and the world is watching.
Mr President Erdogan, I SALUTE YOU

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