Best Friends

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whom i care like brother,
Or whom i embrace like sister,
The people who are so different from the others
Gift and blessing from the Lord of Universe.

They listen to me whenever I'm sad
They lend me their hand when i need help
They sooth me when life treats me bad
For my luck and fortune, they are also glad

Their voices are healing
Their advices are caring
Their joy, I'm sharing
When troubles befall upon them, I'm worrying.

To these people i will vow
To help them always no matter how
As blood runs through my veins
The promise is in force therein.

They are siblings of whom I choose
Divine gift from the Gracious Lord the Merciful
I pray may their lives are always blissful
Because they are my best friends, I dare not to hear bout them with something hurtful.


Saturday, July 12, 2008


I went to watch a malay movie, SEPI. Personally, I found that the cinematography is unusual for a malay movie and it is quite impressive. But the storyline is just ok. I heard adverse comment from my colleagues about this movie, but for me who is sepi, I consider it ok

I also had been offered a job, job of my dream. So I went to report for duty at Putrajaya and on the first day, the new officers were brainwashed bout the danger of the job, as it is susceptible to the practice of corruption and abuse of power. We were also told that we should be more careful with whom we are mingling so public will be confident in our office. We were told not to be seen too close with lawyers, people who went to law school with us, people who represent the biggest number in percentage of our friends list. Impliedly, we were told to isolate ourselves from others for the sake of our office. For me, it is a contemplated S E P I.

Coincidently, few of my best friends were having their special days last week, while I as in training at Jalan Duta, and I have the honour and pleasure of celebrating those events before departing to my official office.

On 9th July, my best friend’s girlfriend (susahnya nak faham) a.k.a my sis in law, celebrated her birthday. At 6 pm, my fren and I rushed to Time Square, trapped in heavy traffic jam for almost 2 hours before we reached there, just to buy a hand bag. We then rushed back to UIA, bought a cake and celebrated this wonderful gurl’s birthday at McD. I can see the effort of my fren in planning the event, rushing here and here, despite of the tiring and exhausting day. For me, it is ex facie an evidence of how much he cares bout his girl, the only girl of his. I’m honoured to be invited and to be
present at that special occasion with this two wonderful persons, of which I will never forget.

On10th and 11th of July, Edy and Fadzil were called to the bar and enrolled as Advocate and Solicitor High Court of Malaya, the once in the lifetime event, and I had the honour of being present at Edy’s ceremony and unfortunately I couldn’t attend Fadzil’s.

After joyful days with my best friends, I then need to go alone in my journey, to my official office. The loneliness is aggravated since I was having joyous moment during my last days before departing to my office. I’m grateful for the chance of meeting my best friends but I also feel like being cursed to leave them behind. Cry is all I can do.

For Nissa, Selamat Harijadi from me. I’m glad that I know Nickos and I’m glad that Nickos have someone like you besides him. Selamat berkonvo and all the best in your future undertakings. I pray may Allah strengthen the bond between both of you, bestow mutual love upon both of you eternally. I embrace both of you like my own bro and sis,nothing less.

Edy and Fadzil, congrats for being called to the Bar, and now you are styled as Peguambela dan Peguamcara Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya. I might not experience the same thing, but I share the same satisfaction, since my best friends had accomplished the journey of becoming a lawyer.

The memories I had with these lady and gentlemen will be kept tightly, so I can cheer up my future lonely days with these memories. Perhaps the contemplated SEPI can be mitigated by refreshing those memorable events,bak kata pepatah walau jauh di mata tapi dekat di hati.

To Nickos, Nissa, Edy & Fadzil, hopefully you won’t forget me…

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