Lelaki Ini

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anuar Zain sings one of a beautiful song i ever heard, "Lelaki Ini". The music arrangement is perfect, the lyric suits the melody well, making me want to hear it more and more.

The man in the lyric is potrayed to be so obsessed with his beloved one. He keeps stressing that he is the man, going crazy bout his girl, whom his loyalty rests, always loving his girl and only her he praises - the queen of his heart.

I wonder does this kind of love exist? Will a man be like this to someone he loves, forever? Will he be persistent in loving the only woman in his life? Would he dare to risk himself, facing the possibility of being betrayed after so much effort he puts in loving his girl?

Someone used to tell me, that this song sounds gay, since the singer is a guy and too many "lelaki ini" being repeated. Well, I must say that the girl saying this is either joking with me or she is imbecilic. I must differ from that insensible view and I'm of opinion that this song is well crafted, well sung and does hit my very conscious every time i listen to it.

This song is for man who honors and cherishes love,expressing his determination of being loyal to the one he loves. Perhaps it also gives hope to woman, who wishes to meet a loyal and persistent lover, who will indulge himself in loving his girl for perpetual...

May True Love Emerge and Embrace The World.


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