Hijrah Remaja Di Astro Ria: Where is the destination of their Hijrah?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The holy Prophet once said "Allah will not take away his knowledge directly from mankind, but He will make it by the death of Ulama. Until there is no alim. Then people will choose ignorant leaders among themselves, and when he is asked, he answer without any knowledge (on the matter) and He is astray and causes people to go astray"

I watched Hijrah Remaja on Astro Ria, a discussion was made on Solat Tarawih : 8 or 20? Among the panelists, whom I know one of them, my former classmate in Qawaid Fiqhiyyah class by Prof Razali Nawawi.

The discussion went to scrutinizing the legality of 20 rakaat of Solat Tarawih. The issue here is whether the panelists are the right person to discuss this. Except for the one they call ustaz, I beg to differ from the assumption that others are qualified. They cited mafhum of various hadiths, stating that the Prophet only perfomed 8 rakaat of Tarawih. That is acceptable. But another guy, played the role which seems to belong to the Muktazilah, by saying "We look this matter from logical side, after 8 rakaat we will no longer able to listen carefully the verses cited by the imam." Now logic plays its role in determining matters of ta'abbudiyyah.

First of all, Im not to deny the legality of the hadith. I accept it by it is and it binds me. However, when discussing a hukm, we ought to refer to 4 main sources, Al-Quran, As-Sunnah, Ijmak and Qiyas. The 20 rakaat of prayer was initiated by Umar Al-Khattab R.A, and it was not reported that any of sahabat r.a opposed it. It then became IJMAK, as it was agreed to by all muslim at that very time. Furthermore, the ijmak of Sahabah can be considered as the best Ijmak, as they lived and were nurtured under the hand of the Holy Prophet himself. Besides that, no hadith prohibits such practice. This is the legacy of Sahabah, and was affirmed by thousands of Ulama, rahimahumullah.

After all, look back to ourselves. The ability is not given, but earned. I once saw an increadible kid name ASLAM, who amazed me that he can stand for 20 rakaat tarawih, where every rakaat consists of one page from the holy Quran. Even this kid could do it. We are used to the easy, but dare not to go with the hard. Allah mentioned in the holy Quran "And seek help with patience and Solat, and indeed that (solat) is hard except to those who khusyuk."(al-Baqarah)

Hijrah remaja for me is good, as long as it does not discuss topics which do not suit their age, such as the legality of 20 rakaat of tarawih, divorce and other nonsense thing. A lot more can be discussed, such as how to pass exam with flying colors or how to kick mat rempits asses.


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