KLCC & True Friends...My tribute

Monday, April 21, 2008

After 10 days of hibernation in UIA, on April 19th 2008, i went home. I packed up my stuff (my little home) and arranged it in my car.

At noon, one of my friend then came to my room, calling me to have lunch together. We then agreed to have our lunch at KLCC. I made such decision so my friend could meet his girlfriend, the girl i heard about almost every time i met him.

The girlfriend looked shock when my friend and I reached the entrance of the place we chose to eat. We then eat together and it was a pleasant lunch, with two wonderful persons.

We only leave KLCC at 10pm, after almost 5 hours, for my friend want to wait for the girlfriend, so we can go back together.

I wasn't that sad to go home initially. Only after hours in KLCC with two wonderful persons, then the atmosphere changed. I was embraced by deep sorrowfulness.

One of them is my friend. We usually met during the working hours as lifeguard at IIUM swimming pool. The other one is his girlfriend,whom i met only once, but i feel like i knew her already because of the excitement of my friend telling me their joyful stories together.

Some troubles had befallen upon me early this year. The days were gloomy and nothing cheered my up. During those time, this very friend of mine listened to my sad stories and in exchange, he told me his joyful stories. The story cheered me up and it helped a lot in healing my deep wound. I am happy for my friend, as he doesn't share the same unfortunate fate of mine.

After months of hearing stories, finally on 19th April i met his girl. Indeed, she is just like how my friend described. Only God knew how happy i was seeing them together.

Only then i found leaving UIA to be a tragedy. Leaving my room, leaving my mahallah-where i stayed for 5 years, leaving AIKOL-my studying and teaching place, leaving swimming pool-my soul, leaving my friends and the most hurting, leaving two wonderful persons-whom i spent my last day with.

Apocrypha said "A faithful friend is the medicine of life" and Homer once said "A sympathetic friend can be quite as dear as a brother." I find these two statements to be so true. Friendship is created in heaven and it descends upon us as divine blessing.

I believe that I'm blessed to know this person who is willing to share his joyful stories with me. I'm then honoured to meet the girl i always heard of, before my own eyes.

I thank God and I'm so grateful, for His compassion and benevolence, letting me know these two wonderful personalities. I pray may Allah bless both of them always, vest upon them love, happiness and joyfulness. May they always be together.

My friends,I promise that the memories will never perished as I will always cherish it

Thank You Nickos, Thank You Nisa. Thank You my friends.

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