A Little Boy Named "Aslam"

Saturday, October 14, 2006

On the night of Friday 13th of October, I was late for isya` prayer at the masjid. Missing a rakaat and on my way to the saf, I could see children, some are praying and some are playing and I spotted a boy in brown jubah, aged around five to six years old, performing the former. After eight rakaat, as usual, I departed from the jamaah and did my witir. Then I proceed to recite the Holy Book, with a hope that I manage to finish it in the very month of Ramadhan.

My attention then was directed to the boy in brown jubah, who I saw when I was to join the congregation of Isya` prayer. Unlike other kids (and me), he was the only one of his kind who stayed behind performing the remaining terawih. It surprised me that this boy performed his prayer well, flawless, without any sign of dreary or depress in his face, as if he understood the verses recited by the imam. I didn’t see anyone instructed him to pray. He did it just by himself.

I must note here that at the Masjid of UIA, a full page will be recited in a rakaat, and this kid bared it without any sign of boredom. He was the only kid there in his saf. After salam, before going into another two rakaat, he moved around a little, then get back to his saf and did his prayer as he did aforementioned, until the very last rakaat of witir. In a rakaat, when the imam prostrated for Sujud Tilawah, some makmum did confuse but not this little guy. He did it as if it was not strange to him, to prostrate without bowing for rukuk first.

After finishing a juz of the Holy Book, I remained in the masjid, instead of going back. I had tons of reasons to get back to my room, but I decided to be there in His house. And that just because I wanted to see this little kid who managed to fascinate and amaze me.

I saw Dr Said Bohraoua and later I saw the boy walking with some old fella, his father i assumed and the old guy headed to Dr Said, shook their hand and hugged each other. They then proceed to the exit of Masjid, which situated besides me. Dr Said greeted me and said to the old guy in arabic,"I teach this barakah ulama usul-fiqh". Then I shook his hand.

What came to my mind when I saw this little guy, was the holy verse, Al-Furqan : 74 which reads [And those who pray, "Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous."]. Indeed, deep in my conscious I felt that this boy matched with the criterion, "comfort of our eyes". I soothed my eyes to have him in my sight, on that very night of Ramadhan. I wish someday I will have someone like him to be my son. Amin 

Back to the story, after shaking hand with Dr Said, I then shook hand with the boy’s father. I later forwarded my hand to the boy to shake his hand. He shook my hand and I asked him, “Siapa nama?” and I will never forget his reply, “Aslam”.


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