Nyoya Tahir : A decision

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nyonya Tahir was held to be buried as buddhist. She was raised by her muslim grandmother, but lived as buddhist all the time.

What is needed to come to such decision? GUTS.
We muslims concern with those who want to convert, and it becomes emotional when one of our brother or sister in Islam want to leave our beloved religion. Saving them is our responsibility but one must remember that a humankind's capabilities is limited. I quote the a word of the holy Quran "Indeed you (Muhammad), is not giving the guidance to those you love, but Allah guides whoever He wants". This verse connotes the incapabilites of human to deal and design things in the way the desires in all aspect at all time.

Beside of the emotion, there are rules and laws. A judge shall go by the rule and laws, not the emotion. Those who want to convert, the fuqaha (Muslim jurists) say they can, but subject to punishment and unfortunately such punishment does not exist yet. We follow the practice of Shafii school and Shafii r.a is famous with his saying "we judge what can be seen and Allah governs the unseen".

Those who want to converts, they are disgrace to the Muslim. By expressing their intention to convert is a clear sign that they are no longer a muslim, (syirik jali) by way of saying. They should be declared as non Muslim, at the same time, lose their right as Muslim, which also dissolves a marriage, prevents inheritance from his muslim kins and punishable with death. This is what the fuqaha say. The punishment, if there isnt any should not be a question to be answered by the Syariah court judges. They are vested with limited sentencing jurisdiction and thus are bound to abide the law, and any acts beyond the limits given to them will be an ultra vires and not enforceable in the eyes of laws.
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