New Sem, New Journey, New Mission

Friday, July 22, 2005

New semester has started..
With workload of 22.5 hours per week, my classes start at 8 a.m everyday- no exception- including the holiest day, Friday.
New subjects, new lecturers, new faces at the faculty...time passes so quick.
Believe it or not, i'm now in my third year of study.
My angel is always there at the faculty. The environment changes when she is there. That' s my fantasy. The fact isnt that good, harsh it is.

My new room situated in front of musolla. Impliedly, i'm trying to tell that being closer to musolla means the easier for me to be there. Moreover, i has told myself that it shouldnt be any reason why i`m not performing my solat on time, especially subuh prayer, as the "call" is just besides my window.

Just a few days ago i had a dream...scary one, evethough it is not that scary.
I'm not going to write about what i see in the dream, but its impact to my personal life.
After i happened to know the harsh fact about my adorable angel and after the dream, i realised that the important person in our life is ourselves. Yeah, the important person for me is myself. Sometimes when we are too relying on other people attention or response, we tend to forget about ourselves. We do anything in our capabilities to accomplish things which we believe would grap the attention of the adorable one. Its sometimes hurt..but we still insist to continue. Why? because we believe in our hope. Its true that The Almighty encourage us not to lose hope so easily. But when we are too obsess, we tend to forget Him. We seldom behave that way when it comes to matters related to Him. Me, when i heard the harsh fact and after a deep pondering about my dream, i realise that He is the one i should rely on. Nothing is out of His control. Indeed, the past that He set for me means a lot for me to know His greatness better, and indeed for me to serve Him better
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