My Last day In Uia for this very semester.

Monday, April 4, 2005

I sat for my last paper today, constitutional law II. What a painstaking i had gone through the period of final exam.

Even i was freed from the burden of study, it still a sad day for me. I will not be able to see the resemblance of an "angel" in this world for about 3 months. I believe that she is the resemblance of bidadari syurga. I wish i could talk with her. I have to admit that i`m incapable of interacting with gurls. My weakness had agonies my for about 4 years, since i left my all boys school. The angel i talked about just now was in my class since at the matriculation centre. First sight did not reveal anything speacial about her, but when i continuously be in the same class 4 days a week made me realized how cute she was. When ppl intrested with a person, every single act and character is in their hand. I couldnt say anything. Even a fierce looking person like me will fail if it comes to talking with gurl. I have such desires, but to overcome my weakness is something that could not be done through natural process. I heard rumors that the angel i talked about is no longer available. I knew myself better than anyone else. i know that i`m not a person that can stand besides her, even if i wish so. Who ever she shall be with, i pray that she will really be in the heaven, as one of the chief bidadari to her husband. I know that no one will read my blog therefore this matter will rest here, without anyone notice about it.

Be it as it may, i still have to move. Lonely does hurt ppl, especially when a person reach the age of 20 +. I believe in fate. When the time comes, there will be someone for me. Just have to wait and see. Huhuhuhu Bye my Little angel. May His bless will always be with you and hopefully u can inspire more ppl like u had inspire me.

This night, i set a new personal record. I barely managed to finish 50 metre butterfly stroke. Moreover, i had finished 4 laps of butterfly stroke and i felt like i had already finish my 40th. I then go for freestlye and i finished my 1000 metre at 9.30 p.m. I love swimming like i love to see the angel and to hold my baby. I wish i can meet my only dear student this holidays. May be i wish to much, and i do less good deeds. That`s why my wishes will only be wishes....

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