Dunia Hari Ini

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Gempa Bumi Di utara Sumatera

Kisah Amina Wadud, Imam Solat Jumaat di US masih disebut2. Kenapa la wanita ni nak jadi imam solat jumaat? Islam Liberal ke....Who knows..

My Arabic vocab had been refreshed by aiding a person writing her essey. That makes me remember the time when i help my only dear student when he was asked to translate arabic text to malay. The bad part was that he didnt even say thanks to me when i return back his work. Pity on me.

I went swimming today, and abg zali had asked me whether i`m willing to join training for lifeguard. I`m doubt. He then reminded me not to be hot hot chiken shit...And his words slammed me on my face.


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