New Sem, New Journey, New Mission

Friday, July 22, 2005

New semester has started..
With workload of 22.5 hours per week, my classes start at 8 a.m everyday- no exception- including the holiest day, Friday.
New subjects, new lecturers, new faces at the faculty...time passes so quick.
Believe it or not, i'm now in my third year of study.
My angel is always there at the faculty. The environment changes when she is there. That' s my fantasy. The fact isnt that good, harsh it is.

My new room situated in front of musolla. Impliedly, i'm trying to tell that being closer to musolla means the easier for me to be there. Moreover, i has told myself that it shouldnt be any reason why i`m not performing my solat on time, especially subuh prayer, as the "call" is just besides my window.

Just a few days ago i had a dream...scary one, evethough it is not that scary.
I'm not going to write about what i see in the dream, but its impact to my personal life.
After i happened to know the harsh fact about my adorable angel and after the dream, i realised that the important person in our life is ourselves. Yeah, the important person for me is myself. Sometimes when we are too relying on other people attention or response, we tend to forget about ourselves. We do anything in our capabilities to accomplish things which we believe would grap the attention of the adorable one. Its sometimes hurt..but we still insist to continue. Why? because we believe in our hope. Its true that The Almighty encourage us not to lose hope so easily. But when we are too obsess, we tend to forget Him. We seldom behave that way when it comes to matters related to Him. Me, when i heard the harsh fact and after a deep pondering about my dream, i realise that He is the one i should rely on. Nothing is out of His control. Indeed, the past that He set for me means a lot for me to know His greatness better, and indeed for me to serve Him better

My Last day In Uia for this very semester.

Monday, April 4, 2005

I sat for my last paper today, constitutional law II. What a painstaking i had gone through the period of final exam.

Even i was freed from the burden of study, it still a sad day for me. I will not be able to see the resemblance of an "angel" in this world for about 3 months. I believe that she is the resemblance of bidadari syurga. I wish i could talk with her. I have to admit that i`m incapable of interacting with gurls. My weakness had agonies my for about 4 years, since i left my all boys school. The angel i talked about just now was in my class since at the matriculation centre. First sight did not reveal anything speacial about her, but when i continuously be in the same class 4 days a week made me realized how cute she was. When ppl intrested with a person, every single act and character is in their hand. I couldnt say anything. Even a fierce looking person like me will fail if it comes to talking with gurl. I have such desires, but to overcome my weakness is something that could not be done through natural process. I heard rumors that the angel i talked about is no longer available. I knew myself better than anyone else. i know that i`m not a person that can stand besides her, even if i wish so. Who ever she shall be with, i pray that she will really be in the heaven, as one of the chief bidadari to her husband. I know that no one will read my blog therefore this matter will rest here, without anyone notice about it.

Be it as it may, i still have to move. Lonely does hurt ppl, especially when a person reach the age of 20 +. I believe in fate. When the time comes, there will be someone for me. Just have to wait and see. Huhuhuhu Bye my Little angel. May His bless will always be with you and hopefully u can inspire more ppl like u had inspire me.

This night, i set a new personal record. I barely managed to finish 50 metre butterfly stroke. Moreover, i had finished 4 laps of butterfly stroke and i felt like i had already finish my 40th. I then go for freestlye and i finished my 1000 metre at 9.30 p.m. I love swimming like i love to see the angel and to hold my baby. I wish i can meet my only dear student this holidays. May be i wish to much, and i do less good deeds. That`s why my wishes will only be wishes....

Dunia Hari Ini

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Gempa Bumi Di utara Sumatera

Kisah Amina Wadud, Imam Solat Jumaat di US masih disebut2. Kenapa la wanita ni nak jadi imam solat jumaat? Islam Liberal ke....Who knows..

My Arabic vocab had been refreshed by aiding a person writing her essey. That makes me remember the time when i help my only dear student when he was asked to translate arabic text to malay. The bad part was that he didnt even say thanks to me when i return back his work. Pity on me.

I went swimming today, and abg zali had asked me whether i`m willing to join training for lifeguard. I`m doubt. He then reminded me not to be hot hot chiken shit...And his words slammed me on my face.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Today, i would like to wish happy birthday to my dear student and i want to take this opportunity to thank him for the memories I had with him, which had made me what i`m now.
My pray will always be with you. And feel free to ask anything from me and i will within my capabilities help you. If you have no one to see, or if no one want to see you, then i`m here for you at any time, at any cost.

People do get busy with their stuff, but that ain't a reason to forget the past, that had made us what we are today.

Oh Allah make him among those who are listening goodness and those who are following the goodness. Oh Allah, dont You punish his forgetfullness and recklesness. Oh Allah, dont you test him with burden that he could not hold it. Forgive him, be mercy with him as You Are the Most Forgiving and The Most Merciful.

Last word from me, happy birthday to you my dear brother and may Allah bestow you with His Bless all the time.

Suatu Hari Bernama Sabtu

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Pada suati hari yg bernama sabtu yg amat membosankan, Si aku, watak dalam blog ini telah menghabiskan waktu paginya begitu sahaja. Sesudah tegak matahari barulah Aku bangkit dari katilnya.
Namun tengahari si aku telah dikejutkan dgn kedatangan rakannya, Gudud. Pada awalnya, org lain yg hendak datang, namun tanpa di sangka, lain yg muncul.
Aku pada petang itu menghabiskan waktunya dengan menonton cerita "0nly the strong". Pengajaran yg diperolehi........rajinlah bersenam untuk menjadi lelaki gagah. Lalu Si aku tanpa fikir panjang telah ke gymnasium utk bersenam. Namun, Aku lupa yg dia masih belum bersantap lagi. Natijahnya, dia telah kepenatan, kekurangan tenaga.
Sesudah maghrib, Aku teringin nak makan nasi kandar deen, tapi malangnya, kedai tutup. Api kemarahan meluap... Takpe, makan le tomyam dgn telur dadar.
Sekembalinya ke bilik, aku melihat biliknya berselerak, rakannya tgh membaiki komputer aweknya..... Aku runsing lalu terus ke Cybercafe.
Ape yg dibuatnya di situ? Menaip utk blognya. Dosch takde, nani pon takde. Argh...boringnya

Cerita Hari Ini

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Tersebutlah kisah seorang bernama aku. Hari ini aku ke kelas seperti biasa. Kehidupannya hari ini merupakan jelmaan kembali kehidupannya yg bernama "kehidupan hari khamis". Setiap hari khamis, perkara yg sama akan berlaku, dari pukul 9 pagi hingga 4 ptg, terkecuali hari cuti dan kejadian ² yg kadang kala di luar kawalan seorang yg bernama aku ini.

Namun hari ini, aku telah ke KLIA, menghantar kwnnya yg bakal melanjutkan pelajaran di Auckland University. Pertemuan yg sekejap, namun agak bermakna. Sempatlah si aku bergambar bersama, tanda ingatan

Sekembalinya aku ke bilik, ketika hendak memindahkan gambar ke komputer, sesuatu terjadi.... MMC corrupted.. Huh.. Sia2 sahaja kata aku kepada dirinya. Lantas aku membuka komputer dan memasang Tv utk menonton cerita cina...changjin yg cun

Itulah kisah si aku, utk hari ini...

My first post


First comes after nothing and before second, therefore it is a beginning. If there is something before the first, it would not be called first, but second it is, and no longer be the beginning. Only He comes without beginning and things come after him are called creature, created by Him.

This post describes its attribute, which it is the first post. And as a created being, it comes as a beginning, a beginning to the latter post (if there is any).

I wish i could write longer, but for the time being, it's enough for now and anything that might come after this post will no longer be the 1st.

That`s all for the 1st post

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